Approved stallion Warsteiner 946 (SWB born 1993 by Weltmeyer out f Fräulin (63) 21069 by Romandour II-Flamingo, breeder Birgitta Andersson) owned by Forsström family, Hippo Essentia AB has passed away.

Warsteiner 946 got 10-9-8-8-8 for conformation and 8-8-8 for gaits as 4-year old. He got 10-9 by the test riders. Warsteiner 946 placed 6th in the Youngster Tour Challenge Cup for 4-year olds in Wiesbaden, Germany.

He left the approved stallion Wasabi 9069, Weihenstephaner, international S-level dressage, Walkman, international S-level dressage, Arras, S-level dressage, Phewe, S-level dressage, Winton S-level dressage, Vilma Rudolph, S-level dressage and Chawa, S-level showjumping.

Source Hippo Essentia AB´s facebook