F5, Flyingefamily 5 also called Hillevi-family

The family starts with the Swedish born mare Norma 283 Rä I born 1905 by Mikadon out of Blenda by Canter xx but the family takes it´s name from Normas granddaughter Hillevi 2466.

Norma 283 Rä I gave birth to the studbook mare Nemesis 1783 (born 1910 by Non Plus).

Nemesis 1783 become mother of the chestnut studbook mare Hillevi 2466 (born 1929 by Ingraban).

Hillevi 2466 become mother to the studbook mare Hilma 3271 (born 1938 by Largo 144) and three approved stallions, Novarro 179 (born 1935 by Index 105), Vital 270 (born 1942 by Onkel 182) and Elan 320 (born 1947 by Voleur).

Licensed stallions out of the mare line:
Novarro 179 (chestnut born 1935 by Index 105 out of Hillevi (F5) 2466)
Vital 270 (chestnut born 1942 by Onkel 182 out of Hillevi (F5) 2466)
Elan 320 (born 1947 by Voleur out of Hillevi (F5) 2466
Hildebert 354 (chestnut born 1950 by Heristal 224 out of Hilma (F5) 3271)
Jarramas 367 (chestnut born 1952 by Heristal 244 out of Hilaria (F5) 4770)
Muskot 386 (chestnut, born 1955 by Lux 154 out of Hilaria (F5) 4770)
Cecil 453 (brown, born 1966 by Drabant 315 out of Hilaria (F5) 4770)

Successful sport horses out of the mare line:
Madick (born 1996 by Cortez out of Phacelia (F5)) international show jumping (Helena Lundbäck, Derin Demirsoy)


Click here to see Norma 283 Rä I and her descendant in the Swedish Warmblood Association database.



From F5, Flyingefamily 5,



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