22 called the Björntorps-family

Foundation mare Iduna 1159 (chestnut, 162 cm) was born 1911 by Illinois out of Kari by Camillo - Excelsior.

Iduna 1159 left 10 offsprings of which five were mares in the Studbook, Adina 1828 (born 1918 by Avepal), Herzogin 2675 (born 1923 by Avepal), Kickan 2540 (born 1931 by Kyffhäuser), Ketty 2884 (born 1932 by Kyffhäuser) and Keffy 2885 (born 1934 by Kyffhäuser).


Licensed stallions out of the mare line:

Successful sport horses out of the mare line:
Åskmolnet (born 1943 by Janus 117 out of Cloudia (22) 2702) S-level dressage
Gold King (born 1945 by Sapeur 229 out of Lussi (22) 3849) S-level dressage


Click here to see Iduna 1159 and her descendant in the Swedish Warmblood Association database.




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