28 called the Vega-family

Foundation mare Vega 307 (chestnut) was born 1904 by Nabob out of Pärla by Frode - Mastif.

Vega 307 died as 6-year old and left only one offspring, the Studbook mare Sortie 1006 (born 1910 by Warius).

Sortie 1006 left 8 offsprings of which three were mares in the Studbook, Cyranda 1686 (born 1915 by Homér), Avanta 2022 (born 1924 by Avanti) and one stallion, Bridge (born 1923 by Avanti).




Licensed stallions out of the mare line:
Bridge (born 1923 by Avanti out of Sortie (28) 1006)
Corriendo Tau 1250 (born 2007 by Corlensky G 1101 out of Caresse Tau (28) 28408)


Successful sport horses out of the mare line:
Nummerette (born 1994 by Artist 765 out of Rominette (28)) S-level eventing (Charlotte Oddshammar)
Hip Hop (born 1996 by Rastell 782 out of Tinette (28) 19324) S-level show jumping


Elite mares out of the mare line:
Linette 7580 (born 1965 by Pompe 401 out of Anette (28) 6015) Elite mare in Sweden 1996
Donette 14607 (born 1980 by Dolomit 464 out of Linette (28) 7580) Elite mare in Sweden 2002


Nummerette (born 1994 by Artist 765 out of Rominette (28)) won the Swedish Breeder´s Trophy in eventing for 6-year olds


Click here to see Sortie (28) 1006 and her descendant in the Swedish Warmblood Association database.


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