3 called the Kärreberga-family

Foundation mare Gula (buckskin) was a Swedish mare. She left the Studbook mare Vala SS 153 (born 1872 by Bauer). Vala SS 153 left four mares in the Studbook, Alba 515 (born 1888 by Bruno III), Isabella 263 (born 1892 by Ecrin RÄSK 135), Olga 151 (born 1894 by Vitalis) and Tonny 854 (born 1895 by Vitalis).

Licensed stallions out of the mare line:
Idol 101 (born 1930 by
Veronese out of Fama (3) 2023)
Job 119 (born 1931 by Temible xx out of Fama (3) 2023)
Odeon 180 (born 1936 by Humanist out of Tinette (3) 1776)

Successful sport horses out of the mare line:
Minotauros RP 114 (born 1990 by Little Boy out of Cést si Bonne (3) 13543) S-level show jumping
Sambucus (born 1996 by So What 908 out of Robinia (3) 20531) S-level show jumping
Interline H (born 2002 by Indoctro out of Elatine (3)) international show jumping

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