7 called the Österlia-family

Foundation mare Asterea 278 (chestnut, 165 cm) was born 1894 in Hannover and by Adeptus - Jeremias - Granada - Young Pyrrhus. Asterea 278 was imported from Germany 1895. Asterea 278 left two mares in the Studbook, Lydia 352 (born 1902 by Hohenzollern) and Astride 726 (born 1904 by Irmino xx) and one stallion, Irmus (born 1905 by Irmino xx). Asterea 278 died 1913.

Astride 726 left two mares in the Studbook, Jossa RÄ II 228 (born 1912 by Joshua xx) and Gulli 2291 (born 1914 by Goldonkel).

Jossa RÄ II 228 left the Studbook mare Siggan 1090 (born 1924 by Siegerman). Gulli 2291 left three mares in the Studbook, Alva 2287 (born 1927 by Avepal), Diana 2536 (born 1930 by Avepal) and Boel 2897 (born 1931 by Sebastian).

Licensed stallions out of the mare line:
Irmus (born 1905 by Irmino xx out of Asterea (7) 278)
Onkel 182 (born 1936 by Humanist out of Diana (7) 2536)

Successful sport horses out of the mare line:

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