25 called the Tonny-family

Foundation mare Tonny RÄ II 78 (brown, 157 cm) was born 1895 by Satrap out of Arna by Arnaud - Zefir - Baron.

Tonny RÄ II 78 had one sister in the Studbook, Solana 366 (born 1909 by Teheran).

Tonny RÄ II 78 left 17 offsprings of which two were mares in the Studbook, Flora 246 (born 1906 by Fleuron xx) and Ketty 361 (born 1907 by Kattenau).

Tonny RÄ II 78 died 1919.

Flora 246 left the Studbook mare Flora II RÄc 1858 (born 1917 by Jorus).

Ketty 361 left two mares in the Studbook, Johanna RÄ III 1045 (born 1923 by Jorus) and Docka RÄa 1579 (born 1924 by Corsänger).

Licensed stallions out of the mare line:


Successful sport horses out of the mare line:


Elite mares out of the mare line:


Nina la Belle (born by De Noir out of Cortina (25) 27472) placed 7th in the Swedish Breeder´s Trophy in dressage as 5-year old


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