CSI*** Gorla Minore, Italy september 17-20

Katharina Rhomberg (AUT) and Careless (SWB born 2010 by Careful out of Comtess by Pomme Royal-Cortez, breeder Eva Andersson) placed 4d in 1.50.

Helena Lundbäck (SWE) and Sportman (SWB born 2010 by Stolzenberg out of Contessa (13) 29642 by Cortez-Labrador, breeder Djurö Gård HB) placed 12th in 1.50.

Giulia Colosimo (ITA) and Bricco (SWB born 2008 by Callahan VDL out of Blå Fjädern (33) 27416 by Ragazzo-Pascal, breeder Bertil Andersson) placed 12th in 1.45.

Alberto Carrara (ITA) and Caribo (SWB born 2004 by Cardento out of India 28717 by Athlet Z-Cor de la Bryere, breeder Daniel Jonsson) placed 8th in 1.35.

Katharina Rhomberg and Careless (SWB).

Source https://horsetelexresults.com

CDN PAVO and DRF Championships for Young Horses, Grindsted Rideklub, Denmark september 18-20

Betina Jæger Jensen (DEN) and Springbank II VH DVH 1262 (SWB born 2014 by Skovens Rafael out of De la Reinne VH (31) 29644 by De Niro-Rohdiamant, breeder Västra Hoby Stuteri AB) won the 6-year olds class and got 9.3 for walk, 9.8 for trot, 9.5 for canter, 9.2 for submission, 9.6 for perspective and 9.48 total.

Anders Uve Sjøbeck Hoeck (DEN) and Vividus QRE (SWB born 2015 by Zaladin MI out of Dittrich 29811 by Don Charly-Martini, breeder Christian Påhlsson) placed 3d in the 5-year olds class and got 8.5 for walk, 8.8 for trot, 8.7 for canter, 8.6 for submission, 8.7 for perspective and 8.660 total.

Vividus QRE (SWB).

Source https://online.equipe.com

CSI**** St Tropez, France september 17-20

Paris Sellon (USA) and Cassandra (SWB born 2008 by Caressini L out of Siden (42) by Cardento-Favorit, breeder Horsemark AB) placed 2d in 1.55.

Steve Guerdat (SUI) and Albfuehren's Maddox (SWB born 2011 by Cohiba out of Miami (37) 29335 by Maraton-Happy Day, breeder Liselotte Tillberg) placed 9th in 1.50.

Source https://horsetelexresults.com

CDN Gut Hohenkamp, Germany september 12-13

Patrik Kittel (SWE) and Touchdown 1338 (SWB born 2012 by Quaterback out of La Mour 25810 by Sack-Judex xx, breeder Verbena AB) placed 2d in St.Georg Special*, Qualifier for the Nürnberger Burg-Pokal, with 74.610% and 3d in St.Georg Special* with 72.463%!

Patrik Kittel (SWE) and Bergsjöholms Valbonne 1376 (SWB born 2013 by Zack out of Via Veneto (F2) by Epson-Favorit, breeder Marita Strauch, Stall Bergsjöholm) placed 3d in St.Georg Special*, Qualifier for the Nürnberger Burg-Pokal, with 73.683% and 4d in St.Georg Special* with 71.488%!

Touchdown 1338 (SWB) and Bergsjöholms Valbonne 1376 (SWB).

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Source https://www.equi-score.de

CCI****/CCI*** Avenches, Switzerland september 11-13

Felix Vogg (SUI) and Cayenne (SWB born 2009 by Careful out of Baroness 25278 by Bayron-Parnass, breeder Peter Jahrl) placed 6th in CCI****.

Source https://horsetelexresults.com