Ashley Nicoll (CAN) and Reipo CRB 9025 (SWB born 1974 by Emir out of Russi (36) 8001 by Utrillo-Ozon, breeder Bengt Erlandsson) won a team Bronze medal at the Olympic Games 1988 and placed 6th in the World Cup finals in Sweden 1989.

Reipo was exported to Canada. In 1987 he got approved in USA and got 98789=41 points for his conformation. Reipo is father of the Canadian bred Swedish Warmblood mare Raffles. Raffles and Andrea Bresee was member in the Canadian Dressage Team won the Silver Medal at the 2007 Pan American Games.

Samuel Schatzmann (SUI) with Rochus (SWB born 1975 by Flamingo) out of Reipos dame Russi (36) 8001 won a team Silver medal at Olympic Games 1988.

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Reipo CRB 9025 from SWB Gate on Vimeo.