CDI*** Kristiansand, Norway may 9-12

Minna Telde (SWE) and Isac (SWB born 2005 by Hip Hop out of Abigail (F2) 25229 by Master-Ciceron, breeder Per-Christer Bengtsson) won both Grand Prix with 69.978% and Grand Prix Freestyle with 72.680%.

Anna Österberg (SWE) and Rolecz (SWB born 2009 by Rosevelt out of Chikoria 29175 by Calino-Indus, breeder Lena Nilsson) placed 2d in Prix St Georges with 69.559%, 3d in Intermediaire I with 70.147% and 4d in Intermediarie I Freestyle with 70.150%.

Anine Mørch-Aas (NOR) and Maserati 1204 (SWB born 2005 by Metall out of Bentley 28626 by Tip-Top-Magritte, breeder Carina Bengtsson) won both the Junior Team competition with 70.404%, the Junior Individual competition with 71.471% and the Junior Freestyle with 76.600%!

Mørch-Aas tells - "Maserati is a "once in a lifetime horse"! Every day with him is an adventure. He still surprises! I just love that horse and feel honored to have such a great best friend!"

Anine Mørch-Aas and Maserati 1204 (SWB).

Nina Jenemark (SWE) and Belisko (SWB by Belissimo M out of Kontesse (F1) 24862 by Bellini-Herkules, breeder Kristina Rosberg and Staffan Tellman) placed 3d in the Junior Team competition with 67.727% and 3d in the Junior Freestyle with 70.160%.

Daniela Knutsson (SWE) and Tracy Chapman (SWB born 2009 by Chirlon out of Black Pearl (23) by Sir Schölling-Chapman, breeder Marie Knutsson) placed 5th in the Junior Freestyle with 65.650%.

Moa Hasselund (SWE) and Dior SD (SWB born 2011 by Damino SD out of Bilharzia (36) 30074 by Florencio I-Maraton, breeder Stall Damino HB) placed 3d in the Childrens Team competition with 65.321% and 3d in the Childrens Individual competition with 60.536%.

Louise Etzner Jakobsson (SWE) and Zernard (SWB born 2003 by New Balance out of Zessin (1) 17526 by Lester-Herkules, breeder Ann-Christine Larsson and Bengt Ohlsson) won both Para Team Test grade IV with 72.667%, Para Individual Test grade IV with 74.024% and Para Freestyle grade IV with 77.042%!

Carolin Rutberg (SWE) and Miragé (SWB born 2005 by Florencio I out of Michelle (12) by Gauguin de Lully-Hertigen, breeder Ulla Hellqvist) won both Para Team Test grade III with 69.706%, Para Individual Test grade III with 70.294% and Para Freestyle grade III with 70.911%..

Linnéa Gunneflo (SWE) and Dinahs Duffy (SWB born 2008 by Twiligt out of Dinah 24418 by Umido-Bordeaux, breeder Camilla Larsson) won both Para Team Test grade II with 65.106%, Para Individual Test grade II with 65.873% and Para Freestyle grade II with 68.028%!

Kristina Alderheim (SWE) and Banjo (SWB born 2004 by Bocelli out of Bonnie (35) 27418 by Briar-Anart, breeder Louise Etzner Jakobsson) placed 5th in Para Team Test grade V with 63.798%.