Boyd Exell (AUS) has retired his long-time team member Demi (SWB born 1998 by D-Day out of Flami (50) 16725 by Napoleon-Flamingo, breeder Bollerups Lantbruksinstitut). Demi, Exell´s favourite horse, was right hand wheeler in the team.

“It was the right time,” Boyd said. “She has given so much to me – she’s given everything. You just know when they have given as much as they can give. I was mindful I wanted her to retire on a high as well, so this was perfect. She’s still fit and healthy and she’ll stay with the family as my son will ride her for pleasure".

Demi competed in Axel Olin (SWE)´s team 2011-2013 and 2014, in Tomas Eriksson (SWE)´s team 2013-2014 and become Exell´s team member 2015.

Demi was in Exell´s winning team at the World Cup final in 2017, 2018 and 2020. She has 51 international victorys with Exell´s team, 2 with Eriksson´s team and 1 with Olin´s team.

Demi has five offsprings; Revolt (SWB born 2002 by Ragazzo) in international four-in-hand, Bellami (SWB born 2003 by Bugatti Hilltop), Elliot (SWB born 2005 by Eighty Eight Keys xx), Edman (SWB born 2006 by Eighty Eigth Keys xx) and Fay (SWB born 2007 by Figaro R).


World Cup Leipzig 2019:

Unfortunately, Demi is the last SWB at the very top of international four-in-hand driving. Al Capone SN (Axel Olin, Daniel Schneiders), Arctic Horn (Fredrik Persson), Balzac (Fredrik Persson), Corfy (Fredrik Persson), Daphne (won World Championship in Tryon 2018 with Boyd Exell), Don Marcell (Ijsbrand Chardon), Don Pronto (Tomas Eriksson), Filur (Tomas Eriksson), Franzesca (Axel Olin), Hero Zack (Fredrik Persson), Isovlas Paganini (2d in World Championship in Lexington 2010 with Ijsbrand Chardon), Isovlas Tango (2d in World Championship in Lexington 2010 with Ijsbrand Chardon), Lento (Axel Olin), Leon (Axel Olin, Tomas Eriksson), Logan (Fredrik Persson), Luma de Lux (Fredrik Persson), Ramzez (Tomas Eriksson), Revolt (Axel Olin), Satir (Fredrik Persson), Trofenix (Axel Olin) and Winetta (Axel Olin) are former top horses that do not seem to get any followers.