Anna Svanberg (SWE) and Tabasco 1201 (SWB by Topaasch out of La´Mour 25810 by Sack-Judex xx, breeder Ingrid Lundberg-Persson family) placed 5th in the final of the World Young Horse Championships in Verden! They got 8.4 (trot), 9.2 (walk), 8.1 (canter), 7.9 (submission), 8.5 (general impression) and 8.42 (total).

Anna Svanberg (SWE) and Bellman 1196 (SWB by Hermes out of Bellona (33) 29397 by Prestige-Warsteiner, breeder Birgitta Österberg and Filip Wilhelmsson) placed 12th. They got 7.8 (trot), 8.4 (walk), 7.5 (canter), 6.9 (submission), 7.6 (general impression) and 7.64 (total).

Mia Runesson (SWE) and Barcelona (SWB by Figaro R out of Ballerina 24034 by Bernstein-Toe Hold xx, breeder Gränsbo Stuteri) placed 14th. They got 7.8 (trot), 6.8 (walk), 7.0 (canter), 6.3 (submission), 7.3 (general impression) and 7.04 (total).


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