CSI Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 4-6 october

Michael Whitaker (GBR) with MCB Maya (SWB born 2002 by Cardento out of Roxanne 25311 by Turban Rose-Emalj, breeder Lave Olsson) placed 8th in 1.45 and 2d with the British team in the Nations Challenge, 1.55.

Source http://www.oiaohs.com

A total of 30 of the most talented 3-year old jumping horses in Sweden were auctioned at Swedish Select Horse Sales and Swede Horse auction tonight and 26 of them got new owners.
The gelding Carl Lewis (SWB by Hayden
out of Mrs M by Cortus-Robin Z, breeder/owner Claes Brudefors) became the top selling horse. He was sold for 260.000 SEK.

  1. Amira (SWB by Callahan VDL out of Alexanne Z 26850 by Akito Z-Cor de la Bryere) 210.000 SEK

  2. Cheer the Music (SWB by Cheers Cassini out of Face the Music by Acacio-Traunstein) not sold

  3. Le Care (SWB by Careful out of La Mena 29428 by Lasandos-Irco Mena) 100.000 SEK (Erika Lickhammer)

  4. Järta (SWB by Heartbeat out of Arizona 25259 by Krius xx-Le Mexico) 120.000 SEK (Björn Lundgren)

  5. Gråsparv (SWB by Irco Mena out of Quinett by Quite Easy-Robin Z) 120.000 SEK (Hibtelibts AB)

  6. Beckham (SWB by Berlin out of Karamell (55) 26373 by Lucky Light-Napoleon) 85.000 SEK (Helena Weinberg, HS-Sportpferde GmBH)

  7. Lution´s Champion (SWB by Ludwigs Champion out of Revolution 27680 by Voltaire-Castello) not sold

  8. Tulip Tattoo (SWB by Caressini L out of Tulipan 00.02096 KWPN by No Limit-Faldo) 160.000 SEK (Stall Stenhaga AB)

  9. Galway (SWB by Balou du Roet out of Parlin 25991 by Maraton-Aladin Z) 80.000 SEK

  10. Click For Quality (SWB by Click and Cash out of Quesada by Quite Capitol-Cagliostro) 110.000 SEK (Stall Lagerfeldt AB)

  11. Nelly Furtado (SWB by Haydn out of Alladina Flb by Ahorn Z-Athlet Z) 190.000 SEK (Danora AB)

  12. Cannabiz (SWB by Campell VDL out of Ashley 05.07640 KWPN by Indoctro-Corland) 95.000 SEK (Stall Stenhaga AB)

  13. Peristo (SWB by Pessoa VDL out of Savarinh (6) by Levisto-New Balance) not sold

  14. Belladonna BC (SWB by Balougraph out of Cap Szantina 28795 by Cap Calando-Semit) 85.000 SEK (Per Johansson, Johning AB)

  15. Quando S (SWB by Pessoa VDL out of Piialisa KLG (32) by Quite Easy-Strong Statement xx) 170.000 SEK (Helena Weinberg, HS-Sportpferde GmBH)

  16. Casillia (SWB by Caressini L out of Cahnowa by Cardento-Carat) 100.000 SEK (Susanne Ankarcrona)

  17. Nouveau (SWB by Niveau out of Leuca 29706 by Leuthen I-Cortez) 80.000 SEK (Per Johansson, Johning AB)

  18. Queen Elisabeth (SWB by King Louie out of Whiwan (38) by Iowa-Robin Z) 90.000 SEK (Else Werner Posette)

  19. Cubus (SWB by Cosmeo out of Cortina II by Cortez-Never Slip xx) 135.000 SEK (Nielsdotter AB)

  20. Evieta (KWPN by Indorado-Indoctro) not sold

  21. Odd Molly (SWB by Click and Cash out of Mandarina Duck 29488 by New Balance-Partisan) 130.000 SEK (Projump KB)

  22. Chanel (SWB by Tornesch out of Cassiopeia (55) by Cardento-Napoleon) in foal with Winningmood 195.000 SEK (Helena Weinberg, HS-Sportpferde GmBH)

  23. El di Marco (By Vleut-Goodwill) 125.000 SEK (Catherine Silfverling Jansson)

  24. Sydney (SWB by Ludwigs Champion out of Seattle (F5) by Cathageno-Cardento) 120.000 SEK (Emanuelsson)

  25. Cuzco T (SWB by Cosmeo out of Las Vegas H 26522 by Leuthen I-Carthago) 150.000 SEK (Letliest AB/Doglhorses)

  26. Clara Belle (By Clarimo-Acorado) 205.000 SEK (Else Werner Pousette)

  27. Lowe Liberty TB (SWB by Last Liberty out of Lawendel QT 29313 by Levantos II-Goldlöwe) 90.000 SEK (Eliasson family)

  28. Carl Lewis (SWB by Haydn out of Mrs M by Cortus-Robin Z) 260.000 SEK (Emma Packendorff)

  29. Entourage AC (SWB by Empire out of For Flower (66) 29653 by For Feeling-Cardento) 105.000 SEK (Svensson, Körvall and Carlstedt)

  30. Valentino Mail (By Quarto Mail-Adelfos) 230.000 SEK (Willis Almgren)

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World Champion Steffen Peters gives lesson to Annie Desranleau (CAN) and her Grand Prix horse Maguin (SWB born 1994 by Gauguin de Lully out og Geigy (41) 12406 by Presto xx-Utrillo, breeder Krisina Paulsen) at the OADG Clinic May 2 2009.




Grande Semaine of Saumur and Master Pro Dressage, Saumur, France 20-23 september

Zidane (SWB born 2006 by Silvano out of Jeanne d´Arc 28716 by Don Schufro-Freimoor, breeder Åsa Ölander and Christian Gergils) and Sara Magnusson-Lostria (SWE) placed 2d in the French Championship for 6-year old dressage horses. They got 83.80% (8.3 for walk, 8.6 for trot, 8.4 for canter, 8.2 for suppleness, 8.4 for general impression).

Source http://www.cadrenoir.fr

CSI***** The Global Champions Tour Vienna, Austria 20-23 september

Malou (SWB born 2004 by Maloubet de Pleville out of Colinda Z 27134 by Carthago-Jus de Pomme, breeder Svante Johansson AB) and Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum (GER) placed 8th in 1.45, Championat of Vienna on friday.

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Ohlala (SWB born 2004 by Orlando out of Carrera 28800 by Cardento-Bonaparte, breeder Leif Nilsson) and Lauren Hough (USA) placed 8th in 1.45 on saturday and 9th in 1.45 on thursday.

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Source http://www.globalchampionstour.com