The Swedish Elite Foal Auction collection
Saturday, 09 September 2017 00:00

The Swedish Elite Foal Auction 2017, selected foals:

1. Touchstone (SWB) colt by Touchdown out of Piorina by Capriano-Raphael,
breeder Ågårds Hingststation.

2. Cornets Congress (SWB) colt by Cornet Obolensky out of Any Con Tindra (59) by Ludwigs Champion-Al Cantino,
breeder Anders Johansson.
Granddame Any Contezza is a diploma mare.
From marefamily 59, Havanna >>

3. De Nike af Ekeby (SWB) filly by Skovens Rafael out of De Niva (F4) by De Niro-Beach Boy,
breeder Ekeby Stuteri HB.
Dame diploma mare De Niva is placed in Grand Prix dressage. De Nike af Ekeby is her first offspring.
From marefamily F4, Gakenda >>

4. Adrienne W (SWB) filly by Iowa out of Champagne by Indoctro-Leuthen I,
breeder Wallentin family.

5. Portofino MVG (SWB) colt by Hesslehöj Donkey Boy out of Pagila MVG by Bellagio-Gigolo,
breeder Magnus and Camilla Eriksson.

6. Main Balouca (SWB) filly by Baloubet Du Rouet out of Camina (1) 29735 by Cardento-Irco Marco,
breeder Marina Björkman Team AMY HB.
Dame Camina is dame of Main Defender (Jamie Sailor) and is a fullsister to international show jumper Cadence (Michelle Spadone, Megan Edrick, McLain Ward and Jennifer Gates). Granddame Elite mare Main Mirco is also dame of international show jumper Main Road (Shane Sweetnam) and Marion Zeta (Alma Ranebo).
From marefamily 1, Zaida >>

7. K-Mr Black Gold (SWB) colt by Van Vivaldi out of K-Diamond 30118 by Metall-Nocturne,
breeder Helen Carlsson.


8. Frenton OT (SWB) colt by Frontier Ask out of OT Zo Fine by Zorro-Libero H,
breeder Peter Odmark.

9. Navarro for U (SWB) colt by For Romance II out of Celannie 30013 by Jazz-Bernstein,
breeder Ugglarps Gård AB.

10. Zoe Heart F (SWB) filly by Heartbeat out of Zara Obolensky by Cornet Obolensky-Zymabl I,
breeder Eva Gudmundsson.

11. Radius (SWB) colt by Revolution out of Womathika M 28752 by OO Seven-Gribaldi,
breeder Lena Nyström.

12. ES Kyoto (SWB) colt by Kannatol out of Perfidia C (F2) by Cortez-Labrador,
breeder Stuteri ES.
Dame Perfidia C is placed in S-level show jumping. Grand dame Linda is also placed in S-level show jumping.
From marefamily F2, Spinda >>

13. Fortcious (SWB) colt by For Romance I out of Bellarous by Bellagio-Johnson,
breeder Ulrika Jacobs.
Dame Bellarous and granddame Jeanious are diploma mares and great granddame Bettina is a Elite mare.

14. Cool As Fly (SWB) colt by Comilfo Plus Z out of Lef by Couleur Rubin-Levantos I,
breeder Ulla-Britt Stövegård.

15. Paradox CML (SWB) colt by Totilas out of Karamelle by Don Romantic-Nocturne,
breeder Charlotte and Magnus Lilliemark.

16. High Lexus (SWB) colt by Coup de Coeur out of High Quality by New Balance-Cortez,
breeder Maud Ohlsson.
Granddame Elite mare High Justice is dame of High Tech placed in S-level show jumping. Great granddame Elite mare High Society was dame of international show jumper High Stepper (Maria Gretzer), High Yummy (Alexander Zetterman) and High Class.

17. Vilas Floridita (SWB) filly by Van Vivaldi out of Floresca VH (31) by Floricello-First Wish,
breeder Virpi Larsson.
From marefamily 31, Elmarina >>

18. Macallan (SWB) colt by Conthargos out of Larosa by Lasirco-Dobrock,
breeder Lotta and Mats Hansson.

19. Brown Sugar (SWB) filly by For Romance II out of Miranda (F2) by Hip Hop-Master,
breeder Monica Müller.
Dame Miranda is a fullsister to Minna Teldes international Grand Prix winner Isac. Isac won the Swedish Breeder´s Trophy final in dressage as 5-, 6- and 7-year old.
Granddame Elite mare Abigail is also dame of Gail and Riva placed in M-level dressage.
From marefamily F2, Spinda >>

20. Chin con Opitmum F (SWB) colt by Armitage out of Diamant v/t Dauwhof by Chin Chin-Wertschatz,
breeder Eva Gudmundsson.
Dame Diamant v/t Dauwhof is dame of China con Kannan F which was sold at the Swedish Elite Foal autcion 2012. Granddame Westy is mother of the stallion Jappelloup vh Dauwof (Belgium).

21. Julius (SWB) colt by Farell out of Julia (73) by Ampere-Chapman,
breeder Erling Brag.
From mare family 73, Joviala >>

22. Qaisa Warg (SWB) filly by Kannatol out of Qaisa Qavat by Quin-Wolfgang,
breeder Lars Pelin.
Granddame Elite mare Virginia Wolf is mother to international show jumper Märtha Louise (Conor Swail and Daniel Coyle).

23. Sir Shaun Lind (SWB) colt by Sir Donnerhall I out of Shayla by Vivaldi-Swift,
breeder Anne Dufwa.

24. Fürst Sir (SWB) colt by Fürstenball out of Sienna by Sir Donnerhall I-Weltmeyer,
breeder Jan Andersson.

25. Wellington SH (SWB) colt by Orlando out of Wild Card by Cardento-Diaghlyphard xx,
breeder Stjärnholm Equestrian AB.

26. Jura JAZ (SWB) colt by Skovens Rafael out of Jara JAZ by Temptation-Metall,
breeder Angelica Karlsson.

27. Clash (SWB) colt by Catch out of Umbra by Casall-Calypso III,
breeder Susanna Halldén.

28. New Design (SWB) filly by Negro out of Libertys Design by Last Liberty-Maraton,
breeder Malin Blixt.

29. High Kick Off (SWB) filly by Iowa out of High Divine 29662 by Cobra-Cortez,
breeder Maud Ohlsson.

30. Fürst Day (SWB) colt by Fürst Romancier out of Delia (59) 27308 by D-Day-Steinbeck,
breeder Jeanette Joelsson and Per Jansson.
From marefamily 59, Havanna >>

31. Fares VT (SWB) colt by Frontier Ask out of I´m Loma VT by I'm Special de Muze-Verdi,
breeder Maria Larsson.

32. Mae Versailles (SWB) colt by Van Vivaldi out of Vestergaards Madonna by Don Schufro-Hohenstein,
breeder Hällens Gård.

33. Comme il Kenda (SWB) filly by Comme il Faut out of Emkenda (F4) by Emmerton-Torboldt,
breeder Harriett Torgander.
Dame diploma mare Emkenda was finalist in Breeder´s Trophy as 5- and 6-year old. Granddame Elie mare Torkette 24054 is also granddame of approved stallion Al Cendo 1241, placed S-level show jumping.
From marefamily F4, Gakenda >>

34. Rising Star TH (SWB) filly by Zaladin MI out of Isadora TH (F2) by Quarterback-Chirac,
breeder Christian Hansson.
From marefamily F2, Spinda >>

35. Flyinge Delight (SWB) filly by Kannatol out of Daily Pleasure (F2) 29750 by For Pleasure-Quite Easy,
breeder Flyinge AB.
Granddame Druva placed in Breeder´s Trophy for dressage horses as 4- and 5-year old and was placed in S-level driving. Druva is a fullsister to Diana placed S-level show jumping. Diana is dame of Ypsilon in international S-level show jumping (Andreas Schou, Jannike West, Martin Dinesen Neergaard). Great granddame Duchesse is also dame of Debussy with many placings in M-level show jumping and Sampras placed in M-level show jumping.
From marefamily F2, Spinda >>

36. GloriouS Bastard (SWB) colt by Glamourdale out of Soya by Schwadroneur-Cortez,
breeder Caroline Gustafsson.

37. Main River (SWB) colt by Cornet Obolensky out of Main Quiz Asp (1) by Nintender-Quite Easy,
breeder Anders Johansson.
Great granddame Elite mare Main Mirco is also dame of international show jumper Cadence (Michelle Spadone, Megan Edrick, McLain Ward and Jennifer Gates), Main Road (Shane Sweetnam) and Marion Zeta (Alma Ranebo) .
From marefamily 1, Zaida >>

38. Touch of Romance (SWB) colt by For Romance I out of Touch´n Go by Royal Touch Stone-Chapman,
breeder Berit Zamuhl-Jansson.
Dame Touch´n Go is placed in M-level dressage.

All about the Auction 2017:

The Swedish Elite Foal auction will be broadcast on ClipMyHorse >>.

If you are interested in bidding by phone, this must be pre-notified. Your information and which horse you are interested in will be submitted no later than 17:00 on Friday 6/10 to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or by phone, see below.
For further information, please contact Johan Ifverson +46 73 545 94 50 or Andreas Jönsson +46 70 782 21 42 or Helén Uddefors +46 70 793 78 32.



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