CDI Ottawa, Canada may 17-19

Naima Moreira Laliberté (CAN) and I do Kiss (SWB born 2006 by French Kiss out of Idonna (35) 27549 by Donnerfly-Urbino, breeder P&A Development AB) won both Intermediaire II (U25) with 71.863% and Short Grand Prix (U25) with 70.342%.


CDI*** Aalborg, Denmark may 16-19

Johanna Due Boje (SWE) and Mazy Klövenhöj (SWB born 2008 by Bocelli out of Manzana xx by National Zenith xx-Record Token xx, breeder Annette Karlsson) won Grand Prix Freestyle with 75.115%.

Gunilla Byström (SWE) and Vectra (SWB born 2005 by Silvano out of Vanda (F2) 29143 by Amiral-Vagabond, breeder Carolin Ljungcrantz and Håkan Kindblom) placed 4d in Grand Prix with 67.848% and 5th in Grand Prix Special with 68.277%.

Denise Ljungkvist (SWE) and Soéga (SWB born 2007 by Sandakan out of Amanda (5) by Amiral-Maraton, breeder Anette Richard) placed 3d in Grand Prix Special with 69.477%.

Stefan Jansson (SWE) and Zidney (SWB born 2010 by Zuidenwind out of Laura Ashley (F1) 9677 by Laurentio-Amiral, breeder Camilla and Seth Andersson) placed 3d in Prix St Georges with 69.206% and 4d in Intermediarie I with 68.353%.

Elin Mattsson (SWE) and Beckham (SWB born 2002 by Bernstein out of Kontesse (51) 24836 by Koncerz xx-Caracas, breeder Johanna Nihlgård) placed in the Young Riders Individual competition with 70.147%.

Amanda Lindholm (SWE) and Rozette (SWB born 2007 by Rosevelt out of Lagette 28614 by Ragazzo-Anart, breeder Britt-Marie H-Ivarsson) placed 2d in the Junior Team competition with 71.667%, 2d in the Junior Individual competition with 70.392% and 2d in the Junior Freestyle with 74.000%.


CDI*** Kristiansand, Norway may 9-12

Minna Telde (SWE) and Isac (SWB born 2005 by Hip Hop out of Abigail (F2) 25229 by Master-Ciceron, breeder Per-Christer Bengtsson) won both Grand Prix with 69.978% and Grand Prix Freestyle with 72.680%.

Anna Österberg (SWE) and Rolecz (SWB born 2009 by Rosevelt out of Chikoria 29175 by Calino-Indus, breeder Lena Nilsson) placed 2d in Prix St Georges with 69.559%, 3d in Intermediaire I with 70.147% and 4d in Intermediarie I Freestyle with 70.150%.

Anine Mørch-Aas (NOR) and Maserati 1204 (SWB born 2005 by Metall out of Bentley 28626 by Tip-Top-Magritte, breeder Carina Bengtsson) won both the Junior Team competition with 70.404%, the Junior Individual competition with 71.471% and the Junior Freestyle with 76.600%!

Mørch-Aas tells - "Maserati is a "once in a lifetime horse"! Every day with him is an adventure. He still surprises! I just love that horse and feel honored to have such a great best friend!"

Anine Mørch-Aas and Maserati 1204 (SWB).

Nina Jenemark (SWE) and Belisko (SWB by Belissimo M out of Kontesse (F1) 24862 by Bellini-Herkules, breeder Kristina Rosberg and Staffan Tellman) placed 3d in the Junior Team competition with 67.727% and 3d in the Junior Freestyle with 70.160%.

Daniela Knutsson (SWE) and Tracy Chapman (SWB born 2009 by Chirlon out of Black Pearl (23) by Sir Schölling-Chapman, breeder Marie Knutsson) placed 5th in the Junior Freestyle with 65.650%.

Moa Hasselund (SWE) and Dior SD (SWB born 2011 by Damino SD out of Bilharzia (36) 30074 by Florencio I-Maraton, breeder Stall Damino HB) placed 3d in the Childrens Team competition with 65.321% and 3d in the Childrens Individual competition with 60.536%.

Louise Etzner Jakobsson (SWE) and Zernard (SWB born 2003 by New Balance out of Zessin (1) 17526 by Lester-Herkules, breeder Ann-Christine Larsson and Bengt Ohlsson) won both Para Team Test grade IV with 72.667%, Para Individual Test grade IV with 74.024% and Para Freestyle grade IV with 77.042%!

Carolin Rutberg (SWE) and Miragé (SWB born 2005 by Florencio I out of Michelle (12) by Gauguin de Lully-Hertigen, breeder Ulla Hellqvist) won both Para Team Test grade III with 69.706%, Para Individual Test grade III with 70.294% and Para Freestyle grade III with 70.911%..

Linnéa Gunneflo (SWE) and Dinahs Duffy (SWB born 2008 by Twiligt out of Dinah 24418 by Umido-Bordeaux, breeder Camilla Larsson) won both Para Team Test grade II with 65.106%, Para Individual Test grade II with 65.873% and Para Freestyle grade II with 68.028%!

Kristina Alderheim (SWE) and Banjo (SWB born 2004 by Bocelli out of Bonnie (35) 27418 by Briar-Anart, breeder Louise Etzner Jakobsson) placed 5th in Para Team Test grade V with 63.798%.


CSI** Del Mar, USA may 7-12

Rich Fellers (USA) and Steelbi (SWB born 2008 by Empire out of Starfire by Stanford-Lansiär, breeder Lisbeth Claesson) won 1.45, $10.000 Power&Speed.

Zazou Hoffman (USA) and Samson II (SWB born 2004 by Cardento out of Batista 27400 by Bellini-Utrillo, breeder Lars-Torgny Lasson) placed 7th in 1.45, $36.000 Speed Classic.



CSI** Fontainebleau, France may 10-12

Alexander Zetterman (SWE) and Lucky Lisa (SWB born 2010 by Heartbeat out of Lucky Me Z by Lux Z-Cortus, breeder Nygårdens stuteri and vet.praktik HB) placed 12th in 1.45, Grand Prix and 13th in 1.45.

Alexander Zetterman (SWE) and Miss Svea (SWB born 2011 by Callahan VDL out of Miss Antalya by Carpaccio-Ahorn Z, breeder Anna Hansson and Anders Karlsson) placed 2d in 1.35.

Alexander Zetterman (SWE) and Mecca (SWB born 2011 by Cabachon out of Mycke-Mera by Irco Mena-Jovial, breeder Maud and Hans Delling) placed 13th in 1.35.

Alexander Zetterman (SWE) and Triton Hästak 1330 (SWB born 2012 by Cabachon out of Harmonien by Winningmood vd Arenberg-Carpaccio, breeder Hästak AB) placed 9th in 1.35 and 9th in 1.30. Triton Hästak was 4th Best Young Horse on the meeting (of 75 horses)!

Frederic Lagrange (FRA) and Aeyla (SWB born 2010 by Aerline H out of Estelle (42) by Brigadör-Lucky One breeder Lisa Engman) placed 5th in 1.35, 6th and 7th in 1.30.