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SWB Channon 1082 has got A-premium
Tuesday, 13 February 2018 00:00

The Swedish Warmblood stallion Channon 1082 (SWB born 2001 by Rubignon out of Elite mare Chanti 24638 by Mazarin-Good Future, breeder Stuteri Lindevik) has got A-premium for his offsprings. Channon 1082 has won Intermediarie I. His great grand dame Chanel 9979 (by Chagall) was placed in S-level dressage in Germany.

Sofia Möller and Channon 1082 (SWB).
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SWB won in Sopot
Sunday, 11 February 2018 00:00

CDI*** Sopot, Poland february 9-11

Clara Espinosa (SWE) and Gordon (SWB born 2003 by Guinness out of Ibi Gardenia (62) by Angard-Midt-West Ibi-Light, breeder Louise Nathorst and Lars Andersson) won Grand Prix Freestyle with 73.625% and placed 3d in Grand Prix with 67.652%.

Per Duvefelt (SWE) and Edvin (SWB born 1999 by Tip-Top out of Eliza 24717 by Amiral-Figaro, breeder Margareta Larsson) placed 6th in Grand Prix with 66.022% and 5th in Grand Prix Special with 65,149%.

Per Duvefelt (SWE) and Garnier (SWB born 2001 by Don Schufro out of Stina 20244 by Stanford-Ganesco, breeder Inger and Sune Bloom) placed 2d in Grand Prix Freestyle with 68.895% and 8th in Grand Prix with 64.870%.

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SWB placed in Thermal - 3d in World Cup
Sunday, 11 February 2018 00:00

CSI***-W Thermal, CA, USA

Mandy Porter (USA) and Milano (SWB born 2005 by Orlando out of Marostica by Pomme Royal-Oula Owl xx, breeder Sussie Blomqvist) placed 3d in 1.60, World Cup and 3d in 1.45.


SWB won in Wellington - 2d in World Cup
Friday, 09 February 2018 00:00

CDI*****-W Adequan Global Dressage Festival (five), Wellington, Florida, USA february 8-11

Tinne Vilhelmson Silfvén (SWE) and Paridon Magi (SWB born 2003 by Don Primero out of Napoli (55) 19311 by Napoleon-Monaco, breeder Niclas Magnusson) placed 2d in Grand Prix with 73.500% and 2d in Grand Prix Fresstyle with 78.50%.

Naima Moreira Laliberté (CAN) and I do Kiss (SWB born 2006 by French Kiss out of Idonna (35) 27549 by Donnerfly-Urbino, breeder P&A Development AB) won Grand Prix (U25) with 62.641%.

Alexandra Reid (CAN) and Jewel´s Adelante (SWB born 2000 by Don Schufro out of Tangent 16667 by Phaeton x-Immer, breeder Hans-Åke Månsson) won Intermediarie II with 71.471%.


SWB won World Cup in Bordeaux
Sunday, 04 February 2018 00:00

CAI-W Bordeaux, France february 3-4

Boyd Exell (AUS) with Demi (SWB born 1998 by D-Day out of Flami (50) 16725 by Napoleon-Flamingo, breeder Bollerups Lantbruksinstitut), Bajnok, Clinton Star and Conversano Poker won both the Opening class and the World Cup!


SWB won in Wellington
Saturday, 03 February 2018 00:00

CSI**** Winter Equestrian Festival (week 4) Wellington, USA january 31-february 4

Lauren Hough (USA) and Ohlala (SWB born 2004 by Orlando out of Carrera 28800 by Cardento-Bonaparte, breeder Leif Nilsson) placed 10th in 1.60, $205.000 NetJets Grand Prix.

Amber Harte (USA) and Cafino (SWB born 2003 by Cardento out of Firona 25891 by Roderik-Falstaff, breeder Birgitta and Anders Nilsson) placed 3d in 1.50, $70.000 WEF Challenge Cup Round IV.

Shane Sweetnam (IRE) and Cyklon 1083 (SWB born 2001 by Cardento out of Cassandra (35) 25926 by Cortus-Falstaff, breeder Bo Lindroos) placed 6th in 1.45, $8.000.

Viggo Björklund (SWE) and Vincero (SWB born 2005 by Emmerton out of Dietrich (F2) 24874 by Robin Z-Swift, breeder Flyinge AB) won the $25.000 Hermes Under 25 with Team Ireland/Norway.

Emma Kurtz (USA) and Vincero (SWB born 2005 by Emmerton out of Dietrich (F2) 24874 by Robin Z-Swift, breeder Flyinge AB) placed 11th in 1.40, $6.000.

Brianne Goutal (USA) and Fineman (SWB born 2003 by Feliciano out of Kotiljong II (32) 28221 by Beach Boy-Hartung, breeder Bengt-Åke Bengtsson) placed 2d in 1.40, $6.000 Bainbridge.

Alma Björklund (SWE) and Flecu (SWB born 2004 by Hip Hop out of Fragancia (1) 25269 by Flamingo-Kaliber, breeder Caroline Jacobsson) placed 4d in 1.45, $15.000 SJHOF High A/O Classic and 11th in 1.40, $2.500 High Am. Owner Jumper.

Arly Golombek (ISR) and Nando KLT (SWB born 2004 by Etrusco out of Joey KLT by Garibaldi-Uskudar des Malais, breeder Ilse Ekenborn) placed 11th in 1.30, $2.000.


SWB won in Wellington
Friday, 02 February 2018 00:00

CSI***-W Palm Beach Master, Wellington, USA february 1-4

Lillie Keenan (USA) and Fibonacci (SWB born 2005 by For Feeling out of Tarusa 27661 by Corland-Nimmerdor, breeder Tina Petersson-Lind) placed 9th in 1.60, World Cup qualifier.

Daniel Coyle (IRL) and Märtha Louise (SWB born 2004 by Maloubet de Pleville out of Virginia Wolf by Wolfgang-Nabuur, breeder Karl-Henrik Heimdahl) won 1.35, $15.000 Exhibition Class.

Lillie Keenan and Fibonacci (SWB).


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