Henri Chammartin (SUI) with Wolfdietrich (SWB born 1951 by Daladier xx out of Kasanette by Talisman-Ebonit, breeder Carl Herslow) placed 8th individual at the Olympic Games in Rome 1960.

Gustav Fischer (SUI) with Wald (SWB born 1953 by Drabant out of Indiris 3175 by Indigo-Flaneur, breeder Inga Sonesson) won a indvidual Silver medal and Henri St Cyr (SWE) with L´Etoile (SWB born 1951 by Lucky Boy xx out of Tussilago by Stabil-Tavast xx, breeder Carl Strömfelt) placed 4d individual. Yngve Viebke (SWE) with Gaspari 340 (SWB born 1949 by Parad out of Russi (5) 3359 by Haffner-Gaumen, breeder Sten Hummerhielm) placed 9th individual.

At the Olympic Games in Mexico City 1968 Henri Chammartin (SUI) and Wolfdietrich won a team Bronze medal.

Liselott Lisenhoff (FRG) with Piaff 399 (SWB born 1958 by Gaspari out of Clodette (5) 5159 by Ruthven-Kondor, breeder Carl-Axel Andreasson) won a team Silver medal and Gustav Fischer (SUI) with Wald won a team Bronze medal.



CAI-W Mechelen, Belgium december 29-30

Boyd Exell (AUS) with Demi (SWB born 1998 by D-Day out of Flami (50) 16725 by Napoleon-Flamingo, breeder Bollerups Lantbruksinstitut), Bajnok, Barny and Rocket won both the Opening competition for World Cup and the World Cup!


Source http://www.longinestiming.com

CSI** Lier, Belgium november 1-4

Emil Hallundbaek (DEN) and Jasmin af Hagalund (SWB born 2008 by Corlensky G out of Candra by Cardento-Calido I, breeder Hagalunds Hopp & Dressyravel) placed 6th in 1.35.

Source https://www.equi-score.de

CSI*****-W Mechelen, Belgium december 26-30

Stephanie Holmén (SWE) and Flip´s Little Sparrow (SWB born 2006 by Cardento out of Butterfly Flip (74) by Robin Z-Moderne xx, breeder Kristina Larsson) placed 4d in 1.50.

Stephanie Holmén and Flip´s Little Sparrow (SWB).

Source http://www.longinestiming.com

We wish you all a Merry Christmas with Kyra Kyrklund and Elite stallion Master 850 (SWB born 1988 by Ceylon out of Bellis (65) 14015 by Iran-Sombrero, breeder Paul Erik Lang), Master died 2011 and he is only 7-years old in this movie,