Foundation mare Capri 5653 was a grey Trakehner mare born 1942.

Capri was a branded Trakehner, but her paper disappeared during World War II so her ancestry was unknown. She was bought by Mrs. Busch in Germany.

Capri was a circus horse in Sweden on the same circus as Rosenkavaljer ox. At one point during their winter camp in Staffanstorp, the stallion came loose, resulting in Caprice.

Capri left Caprice (born 1952 by Rosenkavaljer ox). Caprice left Ballerina (born 1959 by Immer 359).

Ballerina left three mares Bianca (born 1963 by Pompe 401), Benedicitine (born 1966 by Gaspari 340) and Berlock (born 1976 by Utrillo 432).

Licensed stallions out of the mare line:
Bernstein 761 (born 1984 by Napoleon 625 out of Bristol Cream 13548) Elite stallion in Sweden 2007
Bayron 885 (born 1990 by Bernstein 761 out of Bali 17380) exported to USA


Successful sport horses out of the mare line:
Balett (born 1980 by Eminent 585 out of Bragansa 9664) S-level show jumping
Bayron 885 (born 1990 by Bernstein 761 out of Bali 17380) S-level dressage
Hasse E (born 1997 by Rastell 782 out of Boutique 23811) S-level show jumping
Zick Zack (born 2009 by Zack out of Mercedes 26330) international eventing (Leslie Law)


Elite mares out of the mare line:
Bragansa 9664 (born 1971 by Brabant 448 out of Bianca) Elite mare in Sweden 1989
Bristol Cream 13548 (born 1978 by Kew Gardens xx out of Bragansa 9664) Elite mare in Sweden 2000
Barbarella 22861 (born 1985 by Ganesco 503 out of Benedictine) Elite mare in Sweden 2006
Balinesca 19157 (born 1987 by Ganesco 503 out of Bali 17380) Elite mare in Sweden 2009



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