Foundation mare Wega 1250 (black, 156 cm) born 1912 by Rostrum - Kerl - Ecarlate.

Wega 1250 got one mare in the Studbook, Olga 2583 (born 1928 by Niedrich).

Olga 2583 is mother of olympic dressage horse Knaust and two mares in the Studbook, Ulla 3443 (born 1938 by Ukas) and Orla 4407 (born 1942 by Eros).

Orla 4407 left the Studbook mare Olga 6125 (born 1957 by Hildebert 354).


Licensed stallions out of the mare line:


Successful sport horses out of the mare line:
Knaust (born 1939 by Eros out of Olga 2583) international dressage (Gehnäll Persson)
Omega (born 1980 by Herkules 504 out of Olivia 5382) S-level eventing
Oskar (born 1982 by Utrillo 432 out of Freja 12082) international dressage (Kristy Oatley-Mist)
(born 1998 by Master 850 out of Ockra 24030) international dressage (Cathrine Rasmussen)


Elite mares out of the mare line:
Freja 12082 (born 1974 by Emir 471 out of Olga 6125) Elite mare in Sweden 1998
Olympia 22784 (born 1992 by Chirac 611 out of Olivia 19485) Elite mare in Sweden 2012


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