2017 World Breeding Dressage Championships
for Young Horses
Ermelo, The Netherlands
August 3-6

Livestream: https://www.clipmyhorse.tv

Start- and result: http://www.longinestiming.com


Three Swedish Warmbloods selected for the WBCYH by Finland >>
Seventeen Swedish Warmbloods short listed for the WBCYH by Sweden >>

SWB won qualifier in Bålsta (Sällskapet Segersta SR) 2017-05-12 >>
SWB won qualifier in Gränna (Grännabygdens RF) 2017-05-11 >>
SWB won qualifier in Gothenburg (Göteborgs HSK) 2017-05-07 >>

SWB won qualifier in Laholm (Hallands Equestrians RF) 2017-05-07 >>
SWB won qualifier in Åhus (Willand RF) 2017-05-01 >>
SWB won qualifier in Mariefred (Mariefreds RK) 2017-04-30 >>
SWB won qualifier in Anderslöv (Sydslättens RF) 2017-04-30 >>
SWB won qualifier in Laholm (Laholmsortens L RF) 2017-04-13 >>
SWB won qualifier in Strömsholm (Strömsholms RF) 2017-03-29 - 2017-03-30 >>

SWB participted in inventory program in Mantorp and Flyinge >>



Rules for the Swedish selection for the World Breeding Dressage Championships for Young Horses

Eligible horses are all 5-, 6- and 7-year-old horses, which are registered in the SWB's Studbook. The horse can be foreign-owned or ridden by foreign riders.
Dispensation from the requirement for basic registration with SWB may be granted to a non-Swedish-born stallion, provided all the requirements below are met:
- The stallion must be Swedish owned
- The stallion must be licensed and active in SWB breeding
- The selection board shall consider that the stallions have significantly better qualities than Swedish registered horses in the same year.

Ekipage, who are interested in representing Sweden in the WBCYH, is advised to participate in inventory program. These will be held in Mantorp on April 24th and at Flyinge on April 25th.

It is mandatory to start at any of the following observation competitions:
Strömsholm june 2
Flyinge june 8

Final selection takes place after the Young Horse Finals in Falsterbo. Responsible for the selection are Bo Jena from Swedish Equestrian Federation and Jan-Ove Olsson from SWB.


SWB at WCYH dressage 1999-2016 >>