Russi 8001 - mother of two Olympic medalist!

Russi (36) 8001 was bred 1966 by Bengt Erlandsson at Röddinge in Sjöbo, Sweden. Russi was a black mare by Utrillo 432 out of Rosana (36) 6898 by Ozon 398 - Nagel 171. She was her mother Rosana first foal.

Russi got her first offspring in 1970. It was a colt by Orkan 444, her second offspring born 1971 was a colt by Cecil 453. He was exported to Switzerland in 1975. 1972 Russi got a colt by Astronaut 441. He died in a accident as 1-year old. 1973 Russi got a colt by Ceylon 454. He was exported to Switzerland in 1976.

1974 Russi got a brown colt by Emir 471, called Reipo. Reipo was exported to Canada. In 1987 he got approved in USA. He got 98789=41 points for his conformation. Ashley Holzer and Reipo represented Canada at the 1988 Olympics in Seoul where they were member of Canada’s Bronze medal winning team. They placed 6th in the World Cup finals in Sweden 1989. Reipo is father of the Canadian bred Swedish Warmblood mare Raffles. Raffles and Andrea Bresee was member in The Canadian Dressage Team won the Silver Medal at the 2007 Pan American Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


Russi got her sixth colt 1975, by Flamingo 481, called Rochus.

Rochus was exported to Switzerland in 1978. The Switzerland team with Doris Ramseier and Rochus got a bronze medal at the World Championships in Cedar Valley, Canada 1986.

At the Olympic Games in Seul 1988 the Switzerland team with Samuel Schatzmann and Rochus got a silver medal. The Switzerland team with Rochus and Samuel Schatzmann got a bronze medal in the European Championship in Mondorf les Bain, Luxemburg 1989. The Switzerland team with Samuel Schatzmann and Rochus got a bronze medal at The World Championships in Stockholm, Sweden 1990.

1976 Russi got her first filly, Ramona by Flamingo 481. 1977 Russi got a filly by Guvernör 495, she died as 1-year old. 1978 Russi got a filly by Janko 549 called Rosana II. She has studbook number 18254. 1979 Russi got a black filly by Vilmorence xx, who died. 1980 Russi´s fifth filly was born, Starlight by Vilmorence xx. Russi´s last offspring was born 1981, a filly by Maraton, called Marabou.

Russi passed away in 1982.


Source: Several competition result lists and ASVH.