Following Swedish Warmblood are selected for the 2012 European Junior and Young Riders Championships in Berne, Switzerland, on 11 - 15 July 2012:

Molière (SWB born 2000 by De Niro out of Visa (71) by Amiral-Indus, breeeder Eva Furenbäck) with Saidja Brison (Belgian Young Riders Team),
(SWB born 2003 by Chapman out of Mercedes 26330 by Master-Kew Gardens xx, breeder Birgitta Kjellin Häst AB) with Elisabeth Hjelm (Swedish Young Riders Team),
Bradley Beach
(SWB born 2004 by Baroncelli out of Dora Diovanni by Del Piero-Werther, breeder Kerstin Sundberg) with Fanni Máli (Hungarian Junior Riders Team),
(SWB born 1997 by Chapman out of Nicolle 21390 by Krevad-Nurmi, breeder Jörgen Larsson) with Nataly Berejnaya (Russian Junior Riders Team),
(SWB born 1995 by Bernstein out of French Call xx 20169 by Caliban-French Beige, breeder Björkhaga gård HB) with Filippa Börjeson (Swedish Junior Riders Team) and
(SWB born 2002 by Bernstein out of Kontesse (51) 24836 by Koncerz xx-Caracas, breeder Johanna Nihlgård) with Marina Mattsson (Swedish Junior Riders Team).

Donnatello (SWB born 2002 by Don Schufro out of Maradonna 24014 by Maraton-Brilliant, breeder Susanne and Karl-Anders Olsson) with Alexia Ducos Blanchet are reservs (French Young Riders Team).