The Swedish Stallion Performance Test in Strömsholm on march 1-6 2021


3-year old jumping stallions
Amaretti HH
(SWB born 2018 by Conthargos out of High Quality by Cortez-Acapulco Gold, breeder Malin Häger).
Cardiac Arrest (SWB born 2018 by Heartbeat out of Corall (23) by Cardento-Gibraltar, breeder Ulrika Björnson)
Caribbean Blue (Hann born 2018 by Chacoon Blue out of Carissima B by Calido I-Camposanto)
Cogito GB (Westf born 2018 by Conthargos out of Madonna by Monsieur x-Weinberg)
Diamant d´Arlequin (SWB born 2018 by Diabeau vd Heffinck out of Sydney by Silvio I-Dialog I, breeder Caroline Ramqvist)
Diamond Spring (SI born 2018 by Diamant de Semilly out of Quidamie Spring R.S. by Quidam de Revel-Cassini I)
E.D.S LatidoDelCorazón (SWB born 2018 by Heartbeat out of Cavaletti (59) by Coriall-Steinbeck, breeder Sari Månsson)
Fabulouix (SWB born 2018 by Fetcher N out of Phoenix by Crelido-Öxenholm Pioneer, breeder Merethe Olofsson)
Gameboy (SWB born 2018 by Gamelus R out of Debussy (F2) by Etrusco-Cortez, breeder Johanna Wall)
Hector Q (SWB born 2018 by Conthargos out of Helle Q (55) by Quite Easy-Electro, breeder Ann-Louise Kristensson)
Kannclear (SWB born 2018 by Kannatol out of Clear Round Magi by Niveau-Acacio. breeder Lars Pelin)
Lloyd (SWB born 2018 by London out of Chavatina by Chacco Blue-Robin Z, breeder Fredrik and Martin Linell)
Mr Cazzeli (SWB born 2018 by Casallco out of Miss Lordina (77) by Landlord-Irco Mena, breeder Anna-Karin Pettersson)
Naestro SC (SWB born 218 by Emmerton out of Katie´s Collection by Ludwig´s Champion-Alpen Fürst, breeder Louise Croon and Robin Östlund)
S.J. Royal Chacoon (DWB born 2018 by Chacoon Blue out of Cara I Z by Check In-Calato)
Sir Zchinook (SWB born 2018 by Sir Oldenburg out of Zaphir Presious SB (1) by Feliciano-Vleuten xx, breeder Eva Johansson)
Veron (SWB born 2018 by Cornet Obolensky out of Viva la Diva LT (53) by Camaro M-Aerline H, uppfödare Anders Johansson)
Zino (Old born 2018 by Zinedream out of Bali by Acrobat II-Turban Rose)

3-year old dressage stallions
Drävles Dynamit (SWB born 2018 by Sankt Erik II out of Celine by Ampere-Campari M, breeder Hanna Engvall)
Equistella Defiance (SWB born 2018 by Sir Donnerhall I out of Dormella by Dormello-Rohdiamant, breeder Equistella AB)
Focus (Old born 2018 by For Romance I out of Royal Princess by Royal Diamond-Prince Thatch xx)
Oneofakind OM (SWB born 2018 by Total Hope out of Zarella (50) by Zack-Ravello, breeder Oneinamillion Horses AB)
Valley (Old born 2018 by Vitalis out of Elfenbraut by San Amour I-His Highness)
Wild Kid (SWB born 2018 by Formalin out of Cowandilla by Conteur-Weltmeyer, breeder Anna Bråkenhielm (Skillinge Dressyr))

4-year old dressage stallions
(Old born 2017 by Boralino out of Di Anjolie by De Niro-Harvard)
(SWB born 2017 by Dream Boy out of Delight (F2) 26813 by Don Schufro-Mowgli, breeder Per-Arne Persson)
Epiphany EMS
(SWB born 2017 by St Schufro out of Akiruchette by Akribori-Amiral, breeder Erik Strömqvist)
(Hann born 2017 by For Romance I out of Daytona by De Niro-Mondriaan)
(SWB born 2017 by Grand Galaxy Win out of Barcelona (76) 29513 by Figaro R-Bernstein, breeder Gränsbo Stuteri)
Maderik EMS
(SWB born 2017 by Sankt Erik II out of Madeleine EMS (78) by Floricello-De Noir, breeder Marina Svedin)
Mafioso BD
(KWPN born 2017 by Desperado out of Dabola by Wynton-Ferro)
Moonlight (KWPN born 2017 by Expression out of Gravin by Uphill-Prestige VDL)
Morricello VH (SWB born 2017 by Morricone out of Floricella VH (31) by Floricello-De Niro, breeder Västra Hoby Stuteri AB)
Superstar E (SWB born 2017 by Mr Vain GJ out of Maffia EG (23) by Helsegård´s Rubin-Master, breeder Elise Fredriksson)
Vitality Hit (Hann born 2017 by Vitalis out of Santanella by Sandro Hit-Donnerhall)

4-year old jumping stallions
(SWB born 2017 by Kannan out of Jeanne d'Arc by Jaguar Mail-Wolfgang, breeder Louise Frumerie and Karl-Henrik Heimdahl)
Cardobet (Holst born 2017 by Cardento out of Flora IV by Baloubet du Rouet-Casall)
Conqueror Charlie (SWB born 2017 by Comfortuna VDL out of Chairlia by Chairman La Silla-Contendro I, breeder Marianne Sörensen and Rebecca Laine)
Diavant Blue (OS born 2017 by Diaron out of Vivanetta Blue by Vivant vd Heffinck-Chacco Blue)
Fabulous Wildheart (SWB born 2017 by Heartbeat out of Dilight (13) 29369 by Lucky Light-Allegretto, breeder Linda and Staffan Larsell)
Gustav EB (SWB born 2017 by Kannatol out of Amadea (73) by Lucky Point HE-Acacio, breeder Erling Brag)
Hotlix (SWB born 2017 by Heartbeat out of Toffifee (40) by Tornesch-Elmshorn, breeder Maria Eriksson Lindén/Ale Ridsport)
Leviathan HS (Holst born 2017 by Livello out of U-Lady by Casall-Calando I)
Lucky Larry (SWB born 2017 by Heartbeat out of Lucky Star by Cassini II-Lux Z, breeder Nissekalles Hovslageri)
Mitchicoeur (SWB born 2017 by Coupe de Coeur out of Chin Ett by Chin Top-Contender, breeder Ellenor Hjalmarsson Ekman and Thomas Ekman)
Montevideo VDL (KWPN born 2017 by Cornet Obolensky out of Ezella by Indoctro-Lux Z)
Rihanna's Diamond K (SWB born 2017 by Bravour out of Rihanna K by Lux Z-Everest, breeder Karin Larsson)
Rimaro vd Looise Heide (BWP born 2017 by Diarado out of Lavita vd Looise Heide by Kashmir vt Schuttershof-Flamenco de Semilly)
Rollcat (SWB born 2017 by Copycat out of Caro´ll (58) 23879 by Troll-Jasper, breeder Nils-Erik Söderström)
Tinder (SWB born 2017 by Nintender out of Vegas by Orlando-Glennridge, breeder Lotta Pettersson)
Westgate Best of all (SWB born 2017 by Nintender out of Cassey White by Twisther-Animo, breeder John Hickey)
Zezar Hästak (SWB born 2017 by Casanova Hästak out of Utopia Hästak by Cabachon-Cortus, Hästak AB)

5-year old dressage stallions
Dandelon WCB
(SWB born 2016 by Dragon Welt out of Lili by Longchamp-Caprimond, breeder Christel Oscarsson)
Negro´s Dream
(Old born 2016 by Negro out of Brentina by Dream of Love-Rohdiamant)

5-year old jumping stallions
Argento H
(SWB born 2016 by Corporal VDL out of Evita 27748 by Everest-Argentan, breeder Helene Martinsson)
Chacootino PS
(OS born 2016 by Chacoon Blue out of Conthina by Conthargos-Armitage)
Chini con Omnes F
(SWB born 2016 by Kashmir van Schuttershof out of Diamant v/t Dauwhof by Chin Chin-Wertschatz, breeder Eva Gudmundsson)
Coventry Moon (SWB born 2016 by Coventry out of Sally Moon 29581 by Quite Easy-Lucky Light, breeder CJ Equestrian AB)
Filkes Red Fury (SWB born 2016 by Red Hot Chilli out of Pie Molise by Feliciano-Nebbiolo xx, breeder Maria Jurestam)
Folke BRM (SWB born 2016 by Cornettino Ask out of Cariba 7 by Carthago-Grundyman xx, breeder Brunmåla AB)
Highteq (SWB born 2016 by Hip Hop out of High Five by Etrusco-Robin Z, breeder Anna-Lean Skaar and Kent Widegren)
Quizano van't Merelsnest (BWP born 2016 by Diamant de Semilly out of Naila v´t Merelsnest by Kannan-Mr Blue)
York Hästak (SWB born 2016 by Dirco Hästak out of Thelma Hästak by Heartbeat-Comes vd Heffinck, breeder Hästak AB)

Performance stallions (with result from competiton)
Chageorge 1390
(OS born 2015 by Chacco Blue out of Sanvanna by Sanvaro-Carthago)
Code Black E
(SWB born 2015 by Dante Weltino out of First Significant E (23) by First Wish-Master, breeder Elise Fredriksson)

Convalj Q Tap
(SWB born 2015 by Contant Q out of Orchis (40) 26599 by Opius-Utrillo, breeder Anna-Greta Nordstedt)
Q:s A Kind of Magic (SWB born 2014 by Durrant out of Quantera by Quaterman-Phantomic xx, breeder Emma Nahlbom)

Others (directly qualified)
Balstakko 1368 (Old born 2015 by Baloubet du Rouet out of Stakkora by Stakkato-Carthago)
Benefit 1420 (Old born 2015 by Belantis out of Sam by Sir Tender-Welton)
(Holst born 2017 by Casall out of W-Estelle by Lasino-Contender)
Carolus (SWB born 2013 by Fantast vh Zwarte Pannenhof out of Cassandra LG by Cardento-Modern Pleasure xx, breeder Sören Ramqvist)
Chacootino PS (OS born 2016 by Chacoon Blue out of Conthina by Conthargos-Armitage)
Cornet Senjor Ask DVH 1352 (DWB born 2016 by Cornettino Ask out of Hiphop Ask by Ci Ci Senjor Ask-Charmeur)
Cristallo II 1366 (Westf born 2007 by Cornet Obolensky out of Cassie by Cassini I-Polydor)
Daytona S.E (SWB born 2014 by Durrant out of EnDiva by Tornesch-Excall, breeder Maria Willner and Krister From)
El Barone 111 Z 9412 (Zang born 2012 by Emerald van´t Ruytershof out of Naktibro by Libero H-Zeus)
Hemerald 9473 (KWPN born 2012 by Emerald van't Ruytershof out of Dyona by Ultimo-Oklund)
Hometown 9313 (KWPN born 2012 by Apache out of Torose V by Ferro-Dageraad)
Janeiro Platinum 95479 (KWPN born 2014 by Sezuan out of Black Beauty L. Platinum by UB 40-Ferro)
Silvermines Cruising (ISH born 2012 by Cruising out of Hortensia de Litrange by Quel Hero de Muze-Mr Blue)
Tenor du Gue (SF born 2007 by Opium de Talma out of Isaura des Hayettes by Banboula du Thot-Prince Ig´or x)


The judging committee 2021
Christina Ohlsson, Bo Jenå, Hella Kuntz, Mikael Nolin, Pieter Kersten, Malena Behring, Enar Tolling and Emma Thorén Hellsten.

Fredrik Spetz and Emma Emanuelsson will be judge riders in jumping.
Mads Hendeliowitz and Malin Rinné will be judge riders in dressage.


Phase 1
Monday march 1
All day
– Veterinary Inspection 3-, 4- and 5-year old stallions and performance stallions
– Conformation 3-, 4- and 5-year old stallions and performance stallions

Tuesday march 2
– Jumping under rider 4- and 5-year old stallions and performance jumping stallions
– Free jumping  4- and 5-year old dressage stallions
– Free jumping I 3-year olds (all)

Wendesday march 3 
– Gaits 4- and 5-year old stallions and performance dressage stallions
– Gaits I 3-year old stallions

Thursday march 4
– Veterinary inspection and conformation evaluation of stallions already qualified for approval

Phase II
Friday march 5

– Test riders jumping 4- and 5-year old stallions and performance stallions
– Test riders dressage 4- and 5-year old stallions and performance stallions

Saturday march 6
– Free jumping II 3-year old jumping stallions
– Gaits II 3-year old dressage stallions
– Gaits 4- and 5-year old dressage stallions and performance stallions.
– Jumping under rider 4- and 5-year old stallions and performance jumping stallions


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Start lists
Livestream (march 1-6)