CSI***** Brussels, Belgium august 24-28

Peder Fredricson (SWE) and Catch Me Not S (SWB born 2006 by Cardento out of Ralméa by Ramiro´s Son-Almé Z, breeder Krister Svedberg) won 1.60, Grand Prix! They placed 2d in 1.55.

Steve Guerdat (SUI) and Albfuehren's Maddox (SWB born 2011 by Cohiba out of Miami (37) 29335 by Maraton-Happy Day, breeder Liselotte Tillberg) placed 6th in 1.55 and 12th in 1.45.

Jessica Springsteen (USA) and Hungry Heart (SWB born 2012 by Baltimore out of Princess by Loucaibo-Zadok, breeder Annette Ek Andréasson) placed 3d in 1.50.

Tiffany Foster (CAN) and Northern Light (SWB born 2011 by Plot Blue out of Cést ma Cherie by Contender-Lacros, breeder Ingrid Ragnarsson) placed 6th in 1.45.

Peder Fredricson (SWE) and Instrumental (SWB born 2015 by Qualdandro out of In Loco by Indoctro-Nimmerdor, breeder Rapidsrock AB) placed 14th in 1.40.

Daniel Deusser (GER) and Loui LN (SWB born 2014 by Kannan out of Bijoux by Cartani-Athletico, breeder Louise Nyberg) placed 15th in 1.35.

Source https://online.equipe.com