CCI***-S/CCI**-S Kristianstad, Sweden april 9-10

Pontus Hugosson (SWE) and Zin Fire (SWB born 2013 by Zaladin MI out of Speyside xx by Nicolotte xx-Atlantic Boy xx, breeder Stina Wahlström) placed 3d in CCI***-S.

Niklas Lindbäck (SWE) and Focus Filiocus (SWB born 2007 by Feliciano out of Blue Bells xx 28447 by Be My Chief xx-Nijinsky II xx, breeder Tun Albertson) placed 4d in CCI***-S.

Anna Svane (SWE) and Elektronic (SWB born 2009 by Cartier out of Eltina by unknown, breeder Mats-Åke Svensson) placed 5th in CCI***-S.

Wilma Nyhlen (SWE) and Stinger (SWB born 2007 by Spender S out of On a Pedestal xx 28750 by Waajib xx-Tanfirion xx, breeder Skånegårdar AB) placed 6th in CCI***-S.

Niklas Lindbäck and Focus Filiocus at Segersjö 2022. Photo Jöns Leandersson.
Niklas Lindbäck with Focus Filiocus (SWB) in Segersjö, Sweden 2022.

Photo Jöns Leandersson.

Klara Liden Kiraly (SWE) and Nugget (SWB born 2014 by Magic Park out of Nony xx by Funambule xx-Beveled xx, breeder Stefan Lindblad) placed 2d in CCI**-S (section 1).

Frida Andersen (SWE) and Kitsch Couture HPK (SWB born 2016 by Corporal VDL out of Juicy Couture D (36) by Hip Hop-Quite Easy, breeder Helene Rydberg Larsson) placed 3d in CCI**-S (section 1).

Ebba Adnervik (SWE) and Tilly (SWB born 2016 by Colmander out of Thelma (12) 24798 by Turban Rose-Ambassadeur, breeder) placed 4d in CCI**-S (section 1).

Aminda Ingulfson (SWE) and Amorina Heart (SWB born 2017 by Heartbeat out of Amica Ragazzo (8) by Ragazzo-Krevad, breeder Vickie and Björn Beckman / Rill's Morgan) placed 5th in CCI**-S (section 1).

Klara Liden Kiraly (SWE) and Caruccio Paradise (SWB born 2015 by Bravour out of Niki Paradise 29776 by Indoctro-Ekstein, breeder Mathilde Ahlburg) placed 6th in CCI**-S (section 1).

Hanna Berg (SWE) and Ladys Lira (SWB born 2014 by Click and Cash out of Quite a Lady by Quite Easy-Dalby Jaguar xx, breeder Linda Jansson and Hanna Berg) placed 7th in CCI**-S (section 1).

Pontus Hugosson (SWE) and All of Me (SWB born 2012 by Camaro M out of Lavita e Bella (13) by Cortez-Robin Z, breeder Eva-Karin Oscarsson and Ann-Sofie Oscarsson-Hellsing) placed 8th in CCI**-S (section 1).

Stina Kvarnstrand (SWE) and Allan V (SWB born 2007 by Lucky Point out of Alice G (8) 28253 by Irco Mena-Lucky Light, breeder Miki and Per Josefsson) placed 4d in CCI**-S (section 2).