The Swedish Elite Foal Auction 2012, selected foals:

1. Amplitud SD (SWB) colt born 18 april by Ampére out of Elite mare Daphne (55) 27482 by De Niro-Amiral,
breeder Stall Damino HB.
Three of Daphne´s offsprings have got diploma as 3-year olds and she is mother of Simson SD,
placed in M-level dressage. Granddame Elite mare Amina is mother of the approved stallion
Damino SD (Sweden). From marefamily 55, Hakata.


2. Canra (SWB) filly born 13 may by Canterbury out of Elite mare Mira 28388 by Quattro B-Grandero,
breeder Anita Rostner.


3. Zabatier DS (SWB) colt born 28 april by Zack out of diploma mare Belair DS by Beltoni-Dacaprio,
breeder Nina Sixtensson.


4. Axella ASA (SWB) filly born 28 april by Floricello out of diploma mare Aylence T (23) 22464 by Oramé-Maraton,
breeder ASA Dressage stable.
Aylence T´s first offspring got a diploma in jumping as 3-year old. Granddame Ayla is a Elite mare.
From marefamily 23, Olivelugn.


5. Hjalmar (SWB) colt born 2 june by Balou Du Rouet out of Savannah 29804 by Animo-Le Mexico,
breeder Ulrika and Martin Jarl.
Savannah is placed S-level jumping in the Netherlands. She has four offsprings, one has got diploma
with 10-10 for jumping. Granddame Djufailah has placings in Nations Cup and World Cup jumping.


6. ECS Rosanna (SWB) filly born 20 mars by San Amour out of First Significant E (23) by First Wish-Master,
breeder Carl-Walter Fox and Elise Fredriksson.
ECS Rosanna is First Significant E´s first offspring. Granddame Significant is mother of the approved
stallion Sandros Dancer (Great Britain). From marefamily 23, Olivelugn.


7. Diamond Dreams ELiTH (SWB) filly born 3 april by Diamant de Revel out of diploma mare Carisma by Cardento-Irco Mena,
breeder Kjell Åke, Emma and Lisa Thim.


8. Zargasso (SWB) colt born 21 may by Zuidenwind out of Elite mare Gianna 24888 by Grundsee-Shogun xx,
breeder Stuteri Stubbäng.


9. Karamea (SWB) filly born 17 may by Fürst Romancier out of diploma mare Wow by Fuchsberger-Weltmeyer,
breeder Lennart Nyström.


10. Vigo Vivaldi (SWB) colt born 11 june by Vivaldi K out of Burberry (55) by Berlin-Lucky Light,
breeder Siw Persson.
Granddame Karamell won the Swedish Championships for 4-year old jumping horses. From marefamily 55, Hakata.


11. Icing for U (SWB) filly born 17 march by Ampére out of diploma mare Evita for U by Bocelli-Underworld xx,
breeder Ugglarps Gård AB.
Evita for U was the best 3-year old dressage mare in Sweden 2011. Granddame Under Action xx is a Elite mare.


12. X-Cover (SWB) colt born 28 june by Irco Mena 763 out of diploma mare Cessna (46) by Concorde-Kaliber,
breeder Anna Ericsson and Ulf Olsson.
Cessna is mother of Patrik Kittels World Cup horse Toy Story. Granddame Kahlua is a fullsister to
the approved stallion Krocket (Sweden). She is mother of Baileys, placed in S-level jumping, Strega, placed
in S-level eventing, Linnéa, Fiddler and Catalina - all three are placed in M-level jumping.
From marefamily 46, Piledahl.


13. Kopparkulla Oliver (SWB) colt born 15 june by Bellagio out of Lavina (23) by Hotline-Nactus,
breeder AB Kopparkulla.
Lavina is a class I mare and Kopparkulla Oliver is her first offspring. Granddame Laventa is a Elite mare.
From marefamily 23, Olivelugn.


14. China con Kannan F (SWB) filly born 22 may by Kannan out of Diamant v/t Dauwhof by Chin Chin-Wertschatz,
breeder Eva Gudmundsson.
Granddame Westy is mother of the stallion Jappelloup vh Dauwof (Belgium).


15. Dallas Dhu VH (SWB) colt born 24 april by Dalwhinnie out of diploma mare First May VH (31) by First Wish-Don Schufro,
breeder Torsten and Birgitta Hansson.
Dallas Dhu VH is First May VH´s first offspring. Granddame Elite and diploma mare Dakarta VH is mother
of Darcia, placed in Prix St Georges. From marefamily 31, Elmarina.


16. Crolewska de Vil (SWB) filly born 10 june by Corlensky G out of diploma mare Cruella de Vil (8) 26887 by Cortus-Maraton,
breeder Monika Svensson.
Cruella de Vil is mother of Cruzeiro de Vil, placed 3d in the Swedish Breeder´s Trophy for 5-year old jumping horses
and placed M-level jumping. Granddame Anova is a A-premium mare and mother of Car de Mumma and Corian de R,
both placed in M-level jumping. From marefamily 8, Castella.


17. Lord Dalmore (SWB) colt born 10 may by Ampére out of diploma mare Four Roses 28336 by Bourbon-Sunshine Prince,
breeder Vemmentorps stuteri, Maria Nilsson.
Granddame Savila is mother of Lord Calvert, placed M-level dressage. Great granddame Elite mare
Hanini is mother of Ruter Dam, international S-level dressage with Henri Ruoste,
Garibaldi, M-level dressage and Moliere, M-level dressage.


18. Flous (SWB) filly born 20 may by Floricello out of diploma mare Ridiculous 29691 by Romancier-Bernstein,
breeder Stall Jacobs.
Granddame Elite mare Bettina is mother of Decorous, placed in S-level dressage, Delirious and
Dexterous which are both placed in M-level.


19. Stay Cool (SWB) colt born 16 may by Stalypso out of diploma mare Caracole (65) 27965 by Cardento-Electro,
breeder Britten Werner.
Caracole is mother of the approved stallion Common Sense (Sweden). Granddame Elite mare Europa is
mother of Casino, placed in S-level jumping, Calero, Carlito and Costus - all three are placed in M-level.
From marefamily 65, Lessy.


20. Miss Dancer (SWB) filly born 15 april by Flash Dancer I.M out of diploma mare Miss Lopo 29405 by Warsteiner-Cyrano,
breeder Madlen Johansson.
Granddame Cajsa is placed in M-level dressage and her offspring Puccini is also placed in M-level.


21. Zip Zap PWR (SWB) filly born 28 march by Zapatero VDL out of Niclaire by Quantum,
breeder Pernilla Svensson.


22. Valentin (SWB) colt born 4 may by Dalwhinnie out of Bella Regazza by Regazzoni-Inschallah x,
breeder Helixad AB.
Granddame Iluna is mother of the stallion Royal Star (Germany).


23. Sugar Babe (SWB) filly born 31 may by Cohiba out of Spotlight 28470 by Lovis Corinth-Zeus,
breeder Johan Becker and Renée Dahlqvist.


24. Electra (SWB) filly born 16 march by Ampére out of Cruella de Wille (23) by Donnerfly-Chapman,
breeder Christel Skogh.
Great granddame Elite mare Indra is mother of the approved stallion Bellini (Sweden and USA).
From marefamily 23, Olivelugn.


25. Vivalution K (SWB) filly born 14 june by Vivaldi K out of Elite mare Revolution 27680 by Voltaire-Castello,
breeder Camilla Christensen.
Revolution is mother of the approved stallion Niveau (Sweden).


26. K-Sir Metallic (SWB) colt born 24 april by Shooting Star out of diploma mare K- Diamond by Metall-Nocturne,
breeder Helen Carlsson and Paul Gustavsson.
Granddame Kam is a diploma mare.


The Swedish Elite Foal auction will be broadcast on the Internet.
For further information, please contact Johan Ifverson +46 73 545 94 50 or Andreas Jönsson +46 70 782 21 42.


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