CSI Mechelen, Belgium 26-30 dec

Erika Lickhammer (SWE) and Hip Hop 1045 (SWB born 1999 by Feliciano out of Mazurka (32) 24021 by Electro-Hartung, breeder Gunhild Persson) placed 10th in 1.45.

Source http://events.scg-nl.nl

The Swedish Warmblood mare Ximena (born 2001 by Irco Mena out of Glittra (38) 19461 by Hertigen-Niarchos, breeder Anna Rungegård) is sold to Ellen Whittaker. Ximena won the Breeders Trophy in jumping at the Swedish Sport and breeding Championship 2007.

Source http://www.tidningenridsport.se

The Ukrainian gas and oliemagnat Onyschenko has bought the Swedish Warmblood stallion Spender S 1054 (born 1995 by Silbersee out of Carisma S 23607 by Caretino-Fantus) to himself. Spender S is bred by Helene and Thomas Sandström.
Spender S was first competed by Swedish Maria Gretzner and has in recent years competed by Belgian Jos Lansink.

Source www.ridehesten.com

CSI London International Horse Show at Olympia 16-20 dec

C´est la Vie (SWB born 1999 by Cardento out of Valentina 24409 by Rastell-Falstaff, breeder HB Stall Hovdalen) and Peder Fredricson placed 5th in 1.50. 

Source http://eventcontent.hippoonline.de

CSI Frankfurt, Germany 16-19 dec

Rival B.T. (SWB born 1997 by Cortez out of Bianca (38) 22418 by Jazz-Idealist) and Jason Smith (GBR) won 1.45, ”European Youngster Cup”!
In october they also won 1.45 at CSI in Chevenez, Schweiz.

Source http://eventcontent.hippoonline.de