CSI***** The Global Champions Tour Monte-Carlo, Monaco june 28-30

MCB Maya (SWB born 2002 by Cardento out of Roxanne 25311 by Turban Rose-Emalj, breeder Lave Olsson) and Michael Whitaker (GBR) placed 4d in 1.45.

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Swedish Warmblood who are qualified to the Olympics:

In dressage:
Jacqueline Brooks (CAN) with D-Niro (SWB born 1999 by D-Day out of Alitalia 18708 by Napoleon-Herkules, breeder Christina Almström), Patrik Kittel (SWE) with Toy Story (SWB born 2000 by Come Back II out of Cessna (46) by Concorde-Krocket, breeder Marie and Olle Bjernick), Rosie Mathisen (SWE) with Bocelli 1044 (SWB born 1999 by Don Schufro out of Ballerina 24034 by Bernstein-Toe Hold xx, breeder Gränsbo Stuteri) and Kristian von Krusenstierna (SWE) with Biggles 1015 (SWB born 1998 by Briar out of Susanna 15097 by Krevad-Falstaff, breeder Ingrid Lundberg-Persson family).

In show jumping:
Manuel Alvarez (MEX) and Spirit Magic (SWB born 2000 by Acacio out of Magic Feeling 24866 by Ahorn-Anart, breeder Sisse Sejrbo), Jens Fredricson (SWE) and Lunatic (SWB born 1998 by Landlord out of Utriette 17843 by Utrillo-O´den, breeder Magnus Dyrendahl), Lisen Bratt-Fredricson (SWE) and Matrix (SWB born 2002 by Cardento out of Medusa 17845 by Maximus-Drabant, breeder Charlotta and Jan Forsman), Linda Heed (SWE) and Bee Wonderful (SWB born 2001 by Cagliostro out of Wonder 25986 by Indus-Harambee II xx, breeder Eva-Gun Lundberg), Helena Persson (SWE) with Bonzai H (SWB born 2000 by Baloubet du Roet out of Wotin 25052 by Caletto II-Capitano, breeder Anita and Bengt Johansson) and Chamonix H (SWB born 2001 by Carnute out of Wotin 25052 by Caletto II-Capitano, breeder Anita and Bengt Johansson) and Daniel Zetterman (SWE) and Glory Days (SWB born 2001 by Cardento out of Diamond Glory by Diamond Serpent-Hildenley xx, breeder Royne Zetterman).

In eventing:
Sara Algotsson-Ostholt (SWE) and Wega (SWB born 2001 by Irco Mena out of La Fair 25359 by Labrador-Prince Fair xx, breeder Margareta Algotsson), Niklas Lindbäck (SWE) and Mister Pooh (SWB born 2000 by Majim G out of Trollop xx 24818 by Tammer Fors-Eaudamon, breeder Stall Pooh), Linda Algotsson (SWE) and La Fair (SWB born 1997 by Labrador out of Princess Fair 20317 by Prince Fair xx-Cosmos xx, breeder Margareta Algotsson), Beeke Kaack (GER) and Judy (SWB born 2000 by Cortus out of Minelli 24904 by Magini-Testarossa, breeder Margareta Algotsson), Niklas Jonsson (SWE) and First Lady (SWB born 1999 by Sack out of Fleur III (F2) 20264 by Steve´s Friend xx-Napoleon, breeder Inger Rosberg), Hannes Melin (SWE) and Gaston KLG (SWB born 1999 by Dardel out of Nao Faz Mal xx by Cheif Singer xx-Shirley Heights xx, breeder Christoffer Alwén), Ludwig Svennerstål (SWE) and Alexander (SWB born 2003 by New Balance out of Carinette (F3) 16659 by Herkules-Toreador, breeder Nils Larsson) and Johan Lundin (SWE) and Fernet af Kreffe (SWB born 2001 by Campari M out of Menuette II (32) 24437 by Electro-Um Said xx, breeder Kamilla and Håkan Kreffe).

Nominated entries

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Following Swedish Warmblood are selected for the 2012 European Junior and Young Riders Championships in Berne, Switzerland, on 11 - 15 July 2012:

Molière (SWB born 2000 by De Niro out of Visa (71) by Amiral-Indus, breeeder Eva Furenbäck) with Saidja Brison (Belgian Young Riders Team),
(SWB born 2003 by Chapman out of Mercedes 26330 by Master-Kew Gardens xx, breeder Birgitta Kjellin Häst AB) with Elisabeth Hjelm (Swedish Young Riders Team),
Bradley Beach
(SWB born 2004 by Baroncelli out of Dora Diovanni by Del Piero-Werther, breeder Kerstin Sundberg) with Fanni Máli (Hungarian Junior Riders Team),
(SWB born 1997 by Chapman out of Nicolle 21390 by Krevad-Nurmi, breeder Jörgen Larsson) with Nataly Berejnaya (Russian Junior Riders Team),
(SWB born 1995 by Bernstein out of French Call xx 20169 by Caliban-French Beige, breeder Björkhaga gård HB) with Filippa Börjeson (Swedish Junior Riders Team) and
(SWB born 2002 by Bernstein out of Kontesse (51) 24836 by Koncerz xx-Caracas, breeder Johanna Nihlgård) with Marina Mattsson (Swedish Junior Riders Team).

Donnatello (SWB born 2002 by Don Schufro out of Maradonna 24014 by Maraton-Brilliant, breeder Susanne and Karl-Anders Olsson) with Alexia Ducos Blanchet are reservs (French Young Riders Team).

Source www.dressageberne2012.com

Nominated to the Paralympic Games 29 aug-9 sept in London:
Grade Ia Undulette (SWB born 1996 by Underworld xx out of Utriette 17843 by Utrillo-O´den, breeder Magnus Dyrendahl) and Natasha Tse Pui Ting (HKG). Grade III LJT Akilles (SWB born 2000 by Amiral out of Heba (55) 14572 by Herkules-Flamingo, breeder Bollerup Lantbruksinstitut) and Deborah Criddle (GBR) och Ballantine (SWB born 1998 by Bourbon out of Gwendelyn 23995 by Bernstein-Gibraltar, breeder Benny Månsson) and Anne Cecilie Ore (NOR). Grade IV Di Caprio 1023 (SWB born 1999 by De Niro out of Namoni (55) 17536 by Napoleon-Monaco, breeder Helena and Niclas Magnusson) and Line Thoring Jörgensen (DEN). LJT Akilles and Debbie won a gold medal in freestyle at the European Para-Equestrian Dressage Championships 2011 and Di Caprio 1023 and Line won a silver medal!

Source http://www.fei.org

Nominated entries

CSI The British Jumping Derby Meeting, Hickstead, Great Britain, june 20-24

Fandango (SWB born 2003 by Last Liberty out of Fame (1) 23735 by Krocket-Falstaff, breeder Karl-Erik Larsson) and William Whitaker (GBR) won 1.50.

Source http://www.hickstead.co.uk