Tuesday march 2

All day
– Jumping under rider 4- and 5-year old stallions and performance jumping stallions
– Free jumping  4- and 5-year old dressage stallions
– Free jumping I 3-year olds (all)

 Amaretti HH (SWB) at the Swedish Stallion Test 2021. Photo Jöns Leandersson.
Amaretti HH
(SWB) is one of the stallions that will freejump today.

Photo Jöns Leandersson.

Source https://swb.org  Cataloge https://indd.adobe.com/view/ca799c44-11b6-4a5d-a17d-5b92f6408104
Start lists https://online.equipe.com
Livestream (march 1-6) https://www.equisport.tv

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