CSI Frankfurt, Germany 16-19 dec

Rival B.T. (SWB born 1997 by Cortez out of Bianca (38) 22418 by Jazz-Idealist) and Jason Smith (GBR) won 1.45, ”European Youngster Cup”!
In october they also won 1.45 at CSI in Chevenez, Schweiz.

Source http://eventcontent.hippoonline.de

CSI***** La Coruña, Spain 17-19 dec

Rico Revel (SWB born 1999 by Quite Easy out of Lady Like B 23682 by Zeppelin-Modesto, breeder Gunnel and Kjell Frölin) and Eduardo Álvarez Aznar placed 9th in 1.60.

Source www.csicasasnovas.com

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CDI-W Frankfurt 15-19 dec

Sara-Henrietta Bergström-Källström (SWE) and Diezel (SWB born 1999 by De Niro out of Mazetti (43) 23394 by Uttini-Indus, breeder Annica Juhnell-Bengtsson) placed 5th in the Young Riders World Cup finals warm up class, Team Championships test. In the Young Riders World Cup finals qualifier for finals, Individual Test they placed 7th. In the final they placed 6th!

Source www.eurodressage.com

Mynta, Helena Lundbäck´s old top horse is expecting her fourth foal. This time with Vivaldi K (by Indoctro-Nimmerdor). Mynta is born 1988 by Robin Z out of Utini 17140 by Utrillo-Toreador and is bred by Halvar Rosén.

Mynta and Helena won a team silver medal and placed 4d individual at WEG 2002.

Mynta´s first offspring, Darling by Corlensky G was born 2008. Her second offspring, Fine Art by Chairman la Silla was born 2009. 2010 Mynta got a foal by Chairman la Silla.

Source http://www.sporthasten.se/

Malin Parmler and Groen Stable has recently sold three Swedish bred horses for export.

Carlos H (born 2002 by Cappucino out of Cordoba H 25048 by Cor de la Bryère-Midas, breeder Anita and Bengt Johansson) is exported to Brazil. Carlos H and Malin Parmler competed at World Breeding Jumping Championships for Young horses in Lanaken 2008.

Rubins Quibelle (born 2004 by Quidam´s Rubin out of Belizza 26573 by Stanford-Dragon, breeder Lars Pamler) is exported to Monaco.

Cantadou (born 2002 by Guido out of Madam (67) 26253 by Amiral-Maraton, breeder Britta Åhlund) is exported to Greece. Cantadou and Svante Johansson competed at World Breeding Jumping Championships for Young horses in Lanaken 2008 and 2009.

Source http://www.sporthasten.se/