CSI Neumunster, Germany february 17-19

Eurocommerce Cleveland (ex QL, SWB born 1999 by Quite Easy out of Elsa (40) 24610 by Good Future-Robin Z, breeder Ulf Thulin) and Anelies Vorsselman (BEL) placed 8th in 1.50.

Source http://www.hippo-results.com

CDI Oslo, Norway february 20-22 

Replay (SWB born 2001 by Rubignon out of Andante 23253 by Andiamo-Intervall, breeder Stuteri Lindevik) and Karoline Lundberg (SWE) placed 5th in Grand Prix and 5th in Intermediarie II.

Quite Lovely (SWB born 2003 by Quite Easy out of La Sanne 22161 by Judex xx-Lansiär, breeder Ingrid Lundberg-Persson family) and Karin Nissen (DEN) won both Intermediaire I and Prix St Georges and placed 2d in Intermediaire I freestyle.

Source http://www.hpnett.no

CSI** Roggel, Holland january 27-29

Matrix (SWB born 2002 by Cardento out of Medusa 17845 by Maximus-Drabant, breeder Charlotta and Jan Forsman) and Lisen Bratt-Fredricson placed 3d in 1.45, Grand Prix. Ximena (SWB born 2001 by Irco Mena out of Glittra (38) 19461 by Hertigen-Niarchos, breeder Anna Rungegård) and Ellen Whitaker placed 15th in the same class.

Source http://www.csi-roggel.nl

On September 2, 2011 at the Horse Park of New Jersey Dressage Agastrofos (SWB born 2002 by Briar out of Hera (F2) 27769 by Nocturne-Magini, breeder Hans-Yngve Göransson) and Kevin Kohmann won the Brentina Cup Grand Prix Class!


Following stallions have been registered to participate in
the 2012 Swedish Warmblood Stallion Performance Test which starts on 25 February 2012 to 3 March 2012:

3-year old stallions
Baccord (Old, by Balou du Rouet-Acord II)
Calitendro II (Old, by Calido I-Contendro I)
Cantor de la Vie Z (Zang, by Clinton-Heartbreaker)
Cerrico (by Cellestino-Grandeur)
Chatender (Old, by Chacco Blue-Contender)
Dancett (Hann, by Dancier-White Star)
Daquar CC (Holst, by Diarado-Quinar)
Darcy le Jeune (Hann, by Dancier-White Star)
Diassino RAA (Old, by Diarado-Cassini I)
Qatar (Old, by Quaterback-Stedinger)
Sandbaek´s Lacapo (DWB, by Temptation-Solos Landtinus)
Sankt Erik II (SWB, by Johnson out of Weuchette 29701 by Weltmeyer-Amiral, breeder Forty Invest AB)
Singleton VH (SWB, by Hotline out of Dakarta VH (31) 2762 by Don Schufro-Kaliber, breeder Birgitta and Torsten Hansson)
Streiff (US-born Hann, by Stalypso-Contendro I)
Zgander (Old, by Zack-Florestan I)
4-year old dressage stallions
Don de Jeu (KWPN, by Jazz-Jetset-D)
Dunhill (KWPN, by Oscar-Cocktail)
Floricello 1219 (Old, by Florencio I-Dormello)
Ivory (SWB, by First Wish out of Comtesse (65) 28738 by Bernstein-Chagall, breeder Poul Erik Lang)
Zaladin MI (DWB, by Zack-Solos Landtinus)
4-year old jumping stallions
Care for Love (SWB, by Cardento out of Easy Love 29611 by Quite Easy-Robin Z, breeder Alexandra and Anders Ekberg)
Dakar (by Douglas-Emilion)
Diamantino VDL (KWPN, by Quaprice Z-Mr Blue)
Ludwigs Boy (Old, by Ludwigs Champion-Chico´s Boy)
Originell FW (SWB, by Orlando out of Amulett 28645 by Landlord-Ciceron, breeder Marie Filipsson-Wallén)
Quintus RAA (Hann, by Quidam´s Rubin-Argentan)
Sandro Gold 1220 (Old, by Sandro Boy-Landadel)
Colmiro (Old, by Colbert GTI-Stauffenberg)
4Given (SWB, by Carte d´Or out of Unforgiven 28425 by Donnerfly-Mowgli, breeder Ecorink AB)
5-year old stallions
Al Cendo  (SWB, by Al Cantino out of Con Cett (F4) 27959 by Cardento-Torboldt, breeder Hannah Torgander)
Baskyl (SWB, by Cornetto out of Bonzai 28465 by Marwin-Romeo, breeder Christina Blomé)
Caca (KWPN, by Cantos-Calypso Ask)
Character (SWB, by Careful out of Actris 210206998 by Acadius-Mentor, breeder Stall Just HB)
Dyrslunds Lexus (DWB, by Louvre S-Come Back II)
Falsterbo VDL (KWPN, by Flipper D´Elle-Emilion)
Faustino (SWB, by Figaro R out of Ballerina 24034 by Bernstein-Toe Hold xx, breeder Gränsbo stuteri)
Freigeist (Hann, by For Edition-Carbid)
Hasard (SWB, by Heartbeat out of Favorite du Pas 26401 by Voltaire-Ibrahim, breeder Elizabeth Lindblad)
Luxus CML (SWB, by Florencio I out of Boette (43) 28668 by Bolero-Pajazzo, breeder Charlotte and Magnus Liliemark)
Opticus Hästak (SWB, by Cortus out of Kristall Hästak 28650 by Crelido-Libertino, breeder Hästak AB)
Roussegnieur (BadW, by Rousseau-Rubinstein I)
Other stallions
Carlton Hill VDL (KWPN, born 2007 by Uphill-Vincent)
Casilius (born 2006 by Casall-Cambridge)
Chin Top 1227 (Holst, born 2007 by Chin Chin-Joost)
Common Sense 1172 (SWB, born 2006 by Contendro out of Caracole (65) 27965 by Cardento-Electro, breeder Britten Werner)
Corriendo Tau (SWB, born 2007 by Corlensky G out of Caresse Tau (28) 28408 by Camaro M-Looping, breeder Görel Nyman)
Cover Boy S (Holst, born 2007 by Cartani-Lavall II)
Fantast vh Zwarte Pannenhof (BWP, born 2005 by Clinton-Quat´Sous)
Monopol Hästak (SWB, born 2005 by Cuper out of Indra Hästak 28714 by Cortus-Caracas, breeder Hästak AB)
Rausing 1233 (Westf, born 2007 by Rock Forever-Dimension)
Rex Shipping xx 1232 (TB, born 2004 by Inchrory xx out of Amorfati xx by Eighty Eight Keys xx-Nijinsky xx, breeder Gunilla and Lars Wallin)
Silber Sky F (SWB, born 2007 by Corlensky G out of Silber Cardentina F 28285 by Cardento-La Tour xx, breeder Eva Gudmundsson)
Sir Donnerhall II 1234 (Old, born 2006 by Sandro Hit-Donnerhall)
Stedinger (Old, born 2000 by Sandro hit-Landadel)
Tellus (SWB, born 2005 by Tornesch out of Panthalassa 28713 by Cardento-Robin Z, breeder Göran Linell)

The judging committee 2012
Christina Olsson
Frenk Jespers
Susanne Gielen
Dieter Schüle
Mikael Nolin
Henrik Lannér
Rigmor Arvidsson Maggi
Hans Horn
Anders Gånheim
Emma Thorén Hellsten

Jennifer Fogh-Pedersen, Denmark and Henrik Lannér, Sweden will be the judge riders in jumping.
Isabel Bache, Norway and Emmelie Scholtens, Holland will be judge riders in dressage.