On April 17th the A-premium stallion Bolero 897 (SWB born 1991 by Bernstein out of Fairytale 16736 by Chagall-Piaff, breeder Per Runesson family) passed away.

Bolero got 6-8-10/8 for his gaits as 4-year old and 89889=42 points for his conformation as 6-year old.

Bolero placed 6th in the Bredder´s Trophy final for 5-year olds and 4d in the Breeder´s Trophy final for 6-year olds. He was placed in S-level as 7-year old.

Bolero covered 126 mares in Sweden 1995-2000 and left Helios (international Grand Prix with Mette Ono Njöten and Catharina Lorentzen Lund), Isovlas Tango (international four-in-hand with Chardon Ljsbrand), Hertiginnan II (international single driving with Anneli Blomberg), Ruter Dam (S-level dressage) and Bomerang (S-level dressage). Bolero is grandfather to approved stallion Luxus CML 1246.

Bolero was exported to USA in 2001.

Bolero´s owner writes "I had the honor and privilege of a partnership with Bolero for nearly twenty years. It was full of adventure, learning and love. He was my guiding light, north star and inspiration. Our souls are intertwined forever."

Bolero 897 (SWB).


Source https://www.facebook.com/Bolero-897

Patrik Kittel (SWE) has become part owner of Touchdown 1338 (SWB born 2012 by Quaterback out of La Mour 25810 by Sack-Judex xx, breeder Verbena AB) together with the breeder Verbena AB.

Touchdown 1338 got a diploma for gaits as 3-year old and he was the highest rated 3-5-year-old stallion in all 70-days test in Germany 2015 with 8.78. He received no less than seven 9's, for temperament, willingness to work, walk, canter and riding ability.

Touchdown was approved for SWB and Oldenburg 2016 as 4-year old and got 98888=41p for his conformation (type, Head/neck/body, legs, walk, trot).

Touchdown 1338 placed 4d in the Swedish Breeder´s Trophy as 4-year old and got 8.5-9.0 by testrider Charlotte Dujardin.

Philipp Ruwe (SWE) and Touchdown 1338 placed 2d in the Folksam Open final in Falsterbo for 5-year olds with 74.198%.
Ruwe and Touchdown 1338 got 8.2 for trot, 9.0 for walk, 8.5 for canter, 8.5 for submission, 8.8 for perspective, total 8.60 and placed 5th in the small final for 5-year olds at the World Breeding Dressage Championships for Young Horses.

Christoph Koschel (GER) and Touchdown 1338 has won class M with over 70% in Germany 2019.

Touchdown 1338 covered 57 mares 2016-2019 and has been gelded (available through frozen).

Christoph Koschel and Touchdown 1338 (SWB).

Touchdown 1338 at 70-days test in Celle.

Touchdown 1338 at 70-days test in Celle.

Source https://www.facebook.com/Verbena-Dressage-Skeppstrand

Swedish Warmblood are 7th in the HorseTelex (earnings) ranking (from 2020-01-01 to 2020-03-01) with 23 horses at the international dressage competitions.

Bocelli 1044's daughters Mazy Klövenhöj (SWB born 2008 out of Manzana xx by National Zenith xx-Record Token xx, breeder Annette Karlsson) and Ichi (SWB born 2006 out of Dynastie (F2) 27067 by Donnerschlag-Amiral, breeder Miota AB) have won the most money.

Elite and former Grand Prix stallion Bocelli 1044 (SWB born 1999 by Don Schufro out of Ballerina (76) 24034 by Bernstein-Toe Hold xx, breeder Gränsbo stuteri) is in 27th placed in the HorseTelex (earnings) ranking (from 2020-01-01 to 2020-03-01) of all dressage sires.

Source https://horsetelexresults.com

CSI*** Winter Equestrian Festival week 10 Wellington, Florida, USA march 10-15

Bliss Heers (USA) and Cayani SN (SWB born 2008 by Cayado out of Happy Lou 27802 by Voltaire-Irco Marco, breeder Birgitta Jonasson / Stora Nääs Stuteri) placed 7th in $37.000 Equinimity WEF Challenge Cup Rd X and 9th in $137.000 Horseware Ireland Grand Prix.

Tiffany Foster (CAN) and and Northern Light (Northern Comme Plot, SWB born 2011 by Plot Blue out of Cést ma Cherie by Contender-Lacros, breeder Ingrid Ragnarsson) placed 4d in $37.000 Equinimity WEF Challenge Cup Rd X.

Molly Ashe Cawley (USA) and Mr Cash (SWB born 2012 by Click and Cash out of Pukarla 30150 by Holland-Joost, breeder Carola Lilja and Maria Karlsson) placed 14th in 1.45, $37.000 Bainbridge Classic and 16th in 1.45, $37.000 Douglas Elliman Classic.

Bliss Heers and Cayani SN (SWB).

Source https://pbiec.coth.com

CCI****-L/CCI****-S/CCI***-L Barroca d´Alva, Portugal march 5-8

Philippa Magnusson (SWE) and Cesar (SWB born 2010 by Crelido out of Coco Chanell TH (36) 29500 by San Quintero xx-Trofé, breeder Affärskompetens i Visby AB) placed 5th in CCI****-L.

Source https://horsetelexresults.com