CSI*** Winter Equestrian Festival week 3 Wellington, Florida, USA january 21-26

Tiffany Foster (CAN) and and Northern Light (Northern Comme Plot, SWB born 2011 by Plot Blue out of Cést ma Cherie by Contender-Lacros, breeder Ingrid Ragnarsson) won 1.50, $37.000 CaptiveOne Advisors.

Bliss Heers (USA) and Cayani SN (SWB born 2010 by Cayado out of Happy Lou 27802 by Voltaire-Irco Marco, breeder Birgitta Jonasson / Stora Nääs Stuteri) placed 9th in 1.50, $37,000 Equinimity WEF Challenge Cup.

Viggo Björklund (SWE) and Zaloubet (SWB born 2007 by Maloubet de Pleville out of Zarastra (23) by Robin Z-Hubertus, breeder Ann-Sophie Persson and Hans Orest) placed 17th in 1.50, $37,000 Equinimity WEF Challenge Cup.

Source https://pbiec.coth.com

CDN Sørlandsparken Rideklubb, Kristiansand, Norway january 25-26

Thea Katarina Bråten (NOR) and Pia Pia (SWB born 2009 by Highcruiser out of Paradis by Raphael-Placido, breeder Thomas Andersson) placed 3d in Intermediarie I with 69.145% and won Prix St Georges with 70.066%.

Emma Løkken (NOR) and Jude Law (SWB born 2009 by Heslegård's Rubin out of Black Velvet (40) by Bellini-Ampere, breeder Elise Fredriksson) won Junior Team Competition with 67.230% and placed 2d in Junior Individual Test with 67.237%.

Source https://online.equipe.com

CSI****-W Guadalajara, Mexico january 22-26

Yago Alvarez Del Castillo Barba (MEX) and Puertas Liz (SWB born 2009 by Callahan VDL out of Diorissimo by Dagomba-Amani, breeder Malin Fredricson, Lisbeth and Sten-Åke Wengberg) won 1.45.

Miguel Maron Kahwagi (MEX) and Northern Diamond (SWB born 2010 by Diamant de Revel out of Carola 28798 by Calypso II-Matrose, breeder Ingrid Ragnarsson) placed 6th in 1.45.

Source https://www.longinestiming.com

CSI*****-W Amsterdam, Netherlands january 23-26

Stephanie Holmén (SWE) and Flip´s Little Sparrow (SWB born 2006 by Cardento out of Butterfly Flip (74) by Robin Z-Moderne xx, breeder Kristina Larsson) placed 11th in 1.60, Grand Prix of Amsterdam.

Rodrigo Giesteira Almeida (POR) and Broken Heart (SWB born 2010 by Heartbeat out of Meredith (F2) by Cortus-Irco Marco, breeder Peter Bengtsson) placed 14th in 1.45.

Source https://www.longinestiming.com

CSI****-W Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates january 21-25

Samuel Hutton (GBR) and Duva (SWB born 2013 by Diarado out of Whena (38) by Last Liberty-Robin Z, breeder Hannetorp Gård AB) placed 8th in 1.35 and 9th in 1.30.

Shk. Majid Bin Abdullah Al Qassimi (UEA) and Center (SWB born 2013 by Cardento out of M&M by Non Stop R-Calino, breeder Niclas Swerre) placed 10th in 1.30.

Source https://www.longinestiming.com