Rosebank VH (SWB born 2018 by Revolution out of Darling II VH (31) by Dalwhinnie-Don Schufro, breeder Västra Hoby Stuteri AB) has received a final approval for breeding at the Danish Warmblood Stallion Licensing in Herning.


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CSI***** Wellington, FL, USA march 9-13

Ben Mahler (GBR) and Point Break 1374 (SWB born 2014 by Action-Breaker out of Beretta by Balou du Rouet-Looping, breeder Nya Äppelvikens ridskola AB) placed 7th in 1.45.

Ashley Vogel (USA) and Lucy in the Sky (SWB born 2009 by Tornesch out of Leiah by Quantum-Calvadur, breeder Regårdh Showjumping AB) won 1.40 and placed 9th in 1.45.

Rebecca Conway (USA) and Jersey Girl (SWB born 2010 by Careful out of Julie Rose (12) by Turban Rose-Pontus, breeder Daniel Ahlberger) placed 2d in 1.40


CSI*** Coapexpan, Mexico march 10-13

Ana Sofia Legorreta Hernandez (MEX) and Santa Rosa Vancover SE (SWB born 2012 by Vivaldi K out of Glasgow (27) 28398 by Guido-Maraton, breeder Inger Eriksson) placed 2d in 1.35.


The Swedish Stallion Performance Test is over and after almost a week on Strömsholm, 46 new stallions are approved for breeding within SWB. 12 showjumping stallions and 8 dressage stallions met the high standards for Awarded, the rest ended up at the level Accepted stallions.

Approved for Awarded level:
3-year old jumping stallions
Amorinas Booomerang 1450 (SWB born 2019 by Ike out of Amorina by Cortez-Galant, breeder Märta Haby)
Le Étoile 1451 (SWB born 2019 by Big Star out of La Mena 29428 by Lasandos-Irco Mena, breeder Annica Johansson)
Ontario ES 1452 (KWPN born 2019 by Kashmir van't Schuttershof out of Hosanne ES by Kannan-Lancer II, breeder E. Schep)
Try Me-K van Kattenheye 1453 (BWP born 2019 by Prestige van het Kluizebos out of Guess de Hus by Vigo d'Arsouilles-Vivaldi du Seigneur, breeder Annemarie Strobbe and Tony Raman)
Unique Ice T 1454
(SWB born 2019 by Crusader Ice out of Corporal's Chanell T by Corporal VDL-Opius, breeder Camilla Edberg)
3-year old dressage stallions
Droom's Oleander 1449 (SWB born 2019 by Springbank II VH out of Pleasure 27668 by Caruso-Amethist, breeder Pauline Larsson)
4-year old jumping stallions
Chini con Yanic F 1459 (SWB born 2018 by Emerald van't Ruytershof out of Chini con Londia F by Nabab de Reve-Chin Chin, breeder Eva Gudmundsson)
Newton VDL 1460 (KWPN born 2018 by Emerald van't Ruytershof out of Ebony B by Canturano-Libero H, breeder B. Bosklopper)
Zino 1461 (Old born 2018 by Zinedream out of Bali by Acrobat II-Turban Rose, breeder Sabine Toll) Test winner in jumping
4-year old dressage stallions
Brown Fellow 1455 (SWB born 2018 by Franklin out of Tesla (36) by Skovens Rafael-Topaasch, breeder Monica Muller)
Salvatore Ferragamo 1456 (born 2018 by Secret out of Madeira by Millennium-Fidertanz, breeder Volkmar and Heike Schadock)
Serious 1457 (Hann born 2018 by Secret out of Fleur d'Amour by Furst Romancier-Weltmeyer, breeder Heike and Hermann Bonhorst) Test winner in dressage
Valley 1431 (Westf born 2018 by Vitalis out of Elfenbraut by San Amour I-His Highness, breeder Albert Röber)
Zensation 1458 (SWB born 2018 by Gammelenggårds Zappa out of Bayfair by Floricello-Bernstein, breeder Gunnarlunda, Bjarke Laustsen)
Performance stallions (with result from competiton)
Calestro 1463
(SWB born 2016 by Casallco out of Ballumina by Ballumé-A-Dur, breeder Åke Nyberg)
Dantes Vincero GJ 1462 (SWB born 2015 by Dante Weltino out of Queen of the Meadow (23) 25780 by Chapman-Ganesco, breeder Gustaf Johansson)
Kespri DC 1464 (SF born 2013 by Kannan out of Esperia by Espri-Ramiro Z, breeder Silvia Baroncelli)
Others (directly qualified)

Caracas 1466 (AWHA born 2005 by Casall out of Colthaga by Colman-Barnaul xx, breeder ?)
Monte Bellini 1467 (born 2002 by Montender out of Ramira by Ramiro Z-Wendeskreis, breeder Marlies Holtgräve)
Zoom In 1465 (born 2018 by Zoom out of Wariandra by Waterford-Lemon Park, breeder Klaus Brandes)

Amorinas Booomerang 1450 (SWB) at the Swedish Stallion Test 2022. Photo Jöns Leandersson.  Unique Ice T (SWB) at the Swedish Stallion Test 2022. Photo Jöns Leandersson.

Amorinas Booomerang 1450
(SWB) and Unique Ice T 1454 (SWB).
Photo Jöns Leandersson.

Dantes Vincero GJ (SWB) at the Swedish Stallion Test 2022. Photo Jöns Leandersson.  Zensation (SWB) at the Swedish Stallion Test 2022. Photo Jöns Leandersson.
Dantes Vincero GJ 1462
(SWB) and Zensation 1458 (SWB).

Photo Jöns Leandersson.

Calestro (SWB) at the Swedish Stallion Test 2022. Photo Jöns Leandersson.

Calestro 1463 (SWB).
Photo Jöns Leandersson.

Approved for Accepted level:
Blue Devil 9609 (SWB born 2019 by Chess Cor out of Zell am See by Cellestial-Last Liberty, breeder Hannetorp Gård AB)
Cortez de Merignat 9610 (SWB born 2019 by Comthago VDL out of Candy de Merignat by Crelido-Diarado, breeder Torero Holding ApS)
Dominique 9611 (SWB born 2019 by Diarado out of Nektina CC by Nekton-Contender, breeder Nygårdens Stuteri o Veterinär AB and CC Holsteiner Breeding)
Galero Asp 9612 (SWB born 2019 by Gamelus R out of Tolero by Heartbreaker-Concorde, breeder Caroline Hayenhjelm)
Janeiro de Bieville 9613 (born 2019 by Balou du Rouet out of Andalie de Bieville by Kannan-Le Tot de Semilly, breeder Alexandra Klouytten)
Ojay 9614 (KWPN born 2019 by Jardonnay VDL out of Hilaria B.S. by Zirocco Blue VDL-Ahorn, breeder B.A.W. Koenders and A. Lijfering-Bilder)
Otto M 9615 (KWPN born 2019 by Chapeau TN out of Roxan G by Marlon-Lux Z, breeder A.T.M. Milder)
Gammelenggårds Shakiri 9605 (DWB born 2019 by Görklintgårds Shaolin out of Gammelenggårds Romina by Don Romantic-Akinos, breeder Nanna Voss Jönsson)
Hovsta Rebell 9606 (SWB born 2019 by Revolution out of Zarelle by Sydney-Kennedy, breeder Ylva Centerlund)
Jovial 9607 (born 2019 by Jovian out of Bellissima by Benaggio-De Niro, breeder Caterina Schulz-Beelitz)
Set The World on Fire GJ 9608 (SWB born 2019 by Secret out of Dark Lady GJ (23) by Totilas-Chapman, breeder Gustaf Johansson)
All Time High 9616 (SWB born 2018 by San Amour I out of For your eyes only (40) by Chirlon-Black Coffee, breeder Marie Knutsson)
Diamond Heart E 9617 (SWB born 2018 by Mr Vain GJ out of ECS Ganesca (23) by Insterburg-Ferro, breeder Elise Fredriksson)
Cardiac Arrest 9510 (SWB born 2018 by Heartbeat out of Corall (23) by Cardento-Gibraltar, breeder Ulrika Björnson)
Comme Promis Z 9618 (Zang born 2018 by Comme il Faut out of Clarissima Z by Clarissimo Z-Kojak, breeder Claes, Elise and Jonathan Korsten)
Elevatore MR 9619 (SWB born 2018 by Hip Hop out of Erykha (40) by Cheers Cassini-Gigolo, breeder Maia Nordquist)
Gameboy 9513 (SWB born 2018 by Gamelus R out of Debussy (F2) by Etrusco-Cortez, breeder Johanna Wall)
Hector Q 9514 (SWB born 2018 by Conthargos out of Helle Q (55) by Quite Easy-Electro, breeder Ann-Louise Kristensson)
Special One 9620 (BWP born 2018 by Kafka vd Heffinck out of Linarette by Lamm de Fetan-Tresor, breeder Johan Lannoo)
Blackmail E 9621 (SWB born 2017 by Black Coffee out of ECS Ganesca (23) by Insterburg-Ferro, breeder Elise Fredriksson)
BäckaLyckans Diamant 9622 (SWB born 2017 by Flambeau out of Zalsa (F2) by Danzas-Bellini, breeder Anette and Johnny Enghall)
Sun of Ibiza 9623 (Hann born 2017 by Asgard's Ibiza out of Sanria by Sir Donnerhall I-Lauries Crusador xx, breeder Dittmer Landwirtschafts-KG)
Jackpot Hero 9624 (AES born 2017 by Lohengrin Di Villa Emilia out of Cay-Leigh Z by Calvin Z-Ramiro Z, breeder Susanne Gustavsson, Helena Lundbäck and Roberto Cristofoletti)
Rollcat 9524 (SWB born 2017 by Copycat out of Caro´ll (58) 23879 by Troll-Jasper, breeder Nils-Erik Söderström)
Sorrento HQS 9625 (Hann born 2017 by Skyliner out of Perugia HQS by Perigueux-Contendro I, breeder Lena Henriques Ahlström)
Cornettino Ask DVH 1139 / 9110 (born 2010 by Cornet's Stern out of Candy Girl by Chacco-Blue-Contendro I, breeder Stall Wacholderheide)

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CSIO**** Wellington, FL, USA march 3-6

Jad Dana (LIB) and After Eight (SWB born 2010 by Diarado out of Coco (34) 27114 by Cardento-Maraton, breeder Skattagård AB) placed 3d in 1.45.

Richard Vogel (GER) and Mexico (SWB born 2010 by Niveau out of Mexina by Tornesch-Cardento, breeder Fredrik Linell) placed 6th and 13th in 1.45.