A total of 27 dressage foals went under the hammer, all with an asking price of 4,000 euros, at the SWB Elite Foal Auction for dressage foals in connection with Breeders Trophy at Flyinge, Sweden. Just over 379,000 euros was the final sum for all foals.

The auction in Flyinge's large riding hall attracted bidders mainly from Sweden, but also from the USA, Denmark, the Netherlands and Croatia.

Lot 1. Supersticious (SWB filly by Springbank II VH (SWB) out of Gracious (SWB) by Grand Galaxy Win- Bellagio-Johnson, bred by Ulrika Jacobs) went to Helgstrand Dressage in Denmark for 17,500 euros.

Lot 3. Amazing M (SWB filly by Fortnite out of Destiny by Desperados-Alabaster-Pik Bube I, bred by Maria Åsebrandt) was sold for 7,000 euros.

Lot 4. Bille (SWB colt by Suarez out of E. Weserperle II by Jazz-Wenzel I-Shogun xx, bred by Charlotte Rosengren) was sold for 6,000 euros.

Lot 5. Chanel (SWB filly by Lord Europe out of Icona Pop (SWB) by Revolution-Ampere-Bellini (SWB), bred by Marie Knutsson) was sold for 15,500 euros.

Lot 6. Eccentric CML (SWB colt by Glamourdale out of Tilia CML (SWB) by Totilas-Ampere-Furst Heinrich, bred by Charlotte and Magnus Lilliemark/CML Dressage) was sold for 21,000 euros.

Lot 7. Forsete LVST (SWB colt by Benefit out of Lillith (SWB) by Vincent Maranello-Highcrusier-Weltman, bred by Anette Andersson) was sold for 4,500 euros.

Lot 8. Kanelia HPK (SWB filly by Kane out of Stilia (59) (SWB) by St Schufro-Camaro M-D-Day, bred by HPK Sporthorses, Helene Rydberg Larsson) went to Hyperion Stud, USA for 21,000 euros.

Lot 9. Kenos af Ekeby (SWB colt by Knock-Out out of Jellybean for U (SWB) by Floricello-Rousseau-Jazz, bred by Ekeby Stuteri HB) went to Ulrika Bynander, Sweden for 8,250 euros.

Lot 10. Radar (SWB colt by Revolution out of Nina la Belle (25) (SWB) by De Noir-Cortus-Furidant, bred by Gunilla and Anders Håkansson) was sold for 8,000 euros.

And then one of SWB Gates favorite

Lot 11. Miss Belice EQ (SWB filly by Be Sure out of Miss Dancer (SWB) by Flash Dancer I.M. (SWB)-Warsteiner (SWB)-Cyrano, bred by Equuity AB) went to GP rider Rebecca Cohen, USA for 8,500 euros.

Cohen also owns and compete Pronto (SWB born 2004 by Prestige VDL out of Candela (23) by Hubertus-Cosmos xx, breeder Claes-Göran Rudholm), Tuschomie (SWB born 2012 by Tuschinski out of KGS. Hörgaard Remis 28014 by Romancier-Weltmeyer, breeder Annica Hedman) and in july she bought Prince of Hope (SWB born 2016 by Total Hope out of Mannerhorns Princess (37) by Bellagio-Trombon, breeder Siw Wreme Mannerhorn family).

Lot 12. Rolex (SWB colt by Rockabye S out of Grandina TH (F2) (SWB) by Grafenstolz-Chirac (SWB)-Lombard (SWB), bred by Lena Evaldsson) was sold for 5,250 euros.

Lot 13. Ikaros (SWB colt by Iron out of Ziz Neytiri (SWB) by Floricello-Oscar II (SWB)-Bengal Tiger xx, bred by Christina Fredriksson) went to Ulrika Bynander, Sweden for 7,250 euros.

Lot 15. Freequent (SWB colt by Freetown out of Quanteira by Quaterback-Hohenstein-Pik Bube I, bred by Anna Eriksson) was sold for 8.500 euros.

Lot 16. Soqrateous (SWB colt by So Perfect out of Jeanious (SWB) by Johnson-Bernstein (SWB)-Marino, bred by Ulrika Jacobs) went to GP rider Emma Jönsson and Särö Stable, Sweden for 14,500 euros.

Lot 17. Supernosa BD (SWB filly by Jovian out of New-Nosa by Expression-Wynton-Havidoff, bred by Bosson i Lund AB) was sold for 10,500 euros.

Lot 18. Total Perfect (SWB colt by Totilas out of Fazinera (SWB) by Fürst Romancier-Sir Donnerhall I-Weltmeyer, bred by Jan Andersson) was sold for 11,000 euros.

Lot 19. Bijou (SWB colt by Be Sure out of Tiara (SWB) by Totilas-Vivaldi-Ferro, bred by Maria Hedvall) went to Helgstrand Dressage, Denmark for 67,000 euros.

Lot 20. BE Florida (SWB filly by Franklin out of Alice (71) (SWB) by Dalwhinnie (SWB)-Akribori-Furidant, bred by Eva and Bo Pettersson) was sold to Hyperion Stud, USA for 22,500 euros.

Lot 21. BLS Rocker af Sol (SWB colt by Rockabye S out of Heidetänzerin af JBP (SWB) by Ampere-Dimaggio-Abanos, bred by By LAMA AB, Jenny and Morgan Ahlstrand) was sold for 12,500 euros.

Lot 22. De Janeiro (SWB colt by Jameson RS2 out of Darjeelingh (F2) (SWB) by Flemmingh-Chirac (SWB)-Trofe (SWB), bred by Sophie Junebro Bethelius) was sold for 11,000 euros.

Lot 23. Sancerre II VH (SWB filly by Springbank II VH (SWB) out of Miss Applebee by Morricone-Sir Donnerhall I-Freiherr, bred by Västra Hoby Stuteri AB) was sold for 14,000 euros.

Lot 24. Spexz WCB (SWB colt by Sir Donnerhall I out of Famouz WCB (5) (SWB) by Fürst Jazz-Guinness-Swift, bred by West Coast Breeding/Ponnylyckans Ridskola AB) was sold for 9,750 euros.

Lot 25. Be Mine (SWB colt by Be Sure out of Enya YL (SWB) by El Capone-Don Romantic-Grundsee, bred by Anne Wickström) was sold for 14,000 euros.

And then one of SWB Gates favorite

Lot 26. Vigeur (SWB colt by My Vitaly out of Ricciella (43) (SWB) by Richfield-Artist (SWB)-Labrador (SWB), bred by Christina and Roland Wessel) was sold to USA for 13,000 euros.

Lot 27. Semillon VH (SWB filly by So Perfect out of Fürstin VH (31) (SWB) by Fürstenball-Rohdiamant-Amiral (SWB), bred by Västra Hoby Stuteri AB) was sold for 18,500 euros.

Lot 28. Wilarez (SWB colt by Suarez out of Wilda by Fürst Wilhelm-Harvard-Graf Remus, bred by Lars-Erik Svensson) went for 9,750 euros.

Lot 29. To Be Glamor GJ (SWB colt by Glamourdale out of Flying Star by Gribaldi-Jazz-Kristal, bred by GJ Dressage Education/Gustaf Johansson and Tobbe Larsson/Bastion International Group AB) went for for 22,000 euros.

Source https://swbauction.swb.org

CDI-W Tallinn, Estonia september 30-october 1

Jeanna Högberg (SWE) and Astoria (SWB born 2012 by Sir Donnerhall II out of Aquarell 30071 by Quaterback-Rubinrot, breeder Hipponews KB, Christina Olsson) won Grand Prix with 69.174% and placed 2d in Grand Prix Freestyle with 74.920%!

Source https://online.equipe.com

CSI***** Grimaud, St Tropez, France september 22-25

Pénélope Leprevost (FRA) and Texas (SWB born 2011 by Tornesch out of Pangea by Robin Z-Nurprimus, breeder Göran Linell) placed 4d in 1.50.

Andreas Schou (DEN) and Independent (SWB born 2011 by Diamant de Revel out of Sandburgs Carina by Careful-Sandro, breeder WestLife AB) placed 7th in 1.50.

Source https://horsetelexresults.com and https://online.equipe.com

CSI***** Global Champions Tour Governors Island, New York, NY, USA september 23-25

Malin Baryard-Johnsson (SWE) and Harley Davidson (SWB born 2011 by Hip Hop out of Que Belle by Calypso III-Landgraf I, breeder Beatrice Ekberg) placed 7th in 1.55.

Source https://horsetelexresults.com

The 2022 Swedish Warmblood Elite Foal Action Dressage will be presented in a hybrid format during the SWB Equestrian Weeks.

Bids can be placed both online via ClipMyHorseTV and on-site in Flyinge where the foals will also be presented LIVE.

The dressage foals will be auction on September 30 and the biding starts September 28 at 18:00.


Lot 11. Miss Belice EQ (SWB) filly by Be Sure out of Miss Dancer by Flash Dancer I.M.-Warsteiner.


Lot 26. Vigeur (SWB) colt by My Vitality out of Ricciella (43) by Richfield-Artist.

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Source https://swb.org/elite-foal-auction/