CSI*** Sunshine Tour week 3, Vejer de la Frontera, Spain februay 25-march 1

James Davenport (GBR) and Crush (SWB born 2007 by Corlensky G out of Zina (45) by Cardento-Kaliber, breeder Nydala Equestrian) placed 17th in 1.50.

Pontus Westergren (SWE) and Addison (SWB born 2010 by Nintender out of Arizona (14) by Ragazzo-Alpen Fürst, breeder Eva and Bo Pettersson) placed 15th in 1.45.

Frida Berggren (SWE) and Anakin (SWB born 2011 by Ci Ci Senjor Ask out of Tempete de Berg by Kafka Brunemont-Paladin des Ifs, breeder Christer Holm) placed 15th in 1.45.

Marcus Westergren (SWE) and Crush On (SWB born 2013 by Cabachon out of Lady by Racot-Asferg Cyklo, breeder Hans Westergren) placed 12th in 1.35 and 11th in 1.30.

Savanah Price (RSA) and Abigail (SWB born 2008 by Carmargue out of Irma by Irco Marco-Menelek xx, breeder Klockaregården Stuteri HB) placed 15th in 1.35.

Max Wachman (IRL) and Ikaros (SWB born 2012 by Chelltago Z out of Electra by Feliciano-Quidam de Revel, breeder PVRT Equestrian AB) placed 23th in 1.35.

Mohamed Al Ahrach (MAR) and Corinne (SWB born 2009 by Hip Hop out of Curly Sue by Coriano-Reichsgraf, breeder Tärnö Säteri and Sigane AB) won 1.30 and placed 3d in 1.30.

Pontus Westergren (SWE) and Warmachine (SWB born 2012 by Carrera VDL out of Umay de Olympica by Oramé-Jus de Pomme, breeder Interbreed AB) placed 5th in 1.30.

Source https://www.longinestiming.com

CSI*****-W Gothenburg, Sweden february 20-23

Peder Fredricson (SWE) and H&M Crusader Ice 1357 (SWB born 2011 by Cabachon out of Tarusa 27661 by Corland-Nimmerdor, breeder Thina Stigsson, ISG AB) placed 3d in 1.45 and 4d in 1.45.

Emma Emanuelsson (SWE) and Joyful (SWB born 2010 by Careful out of Julie Rose (12) by Turban Rose-Pontus, breeder Daniel Ahlberger) placed 5th in 1.45.

Johanna Säll Karlsson (SWB) and Hot Stuff (SWB born 2013 by Hip Hop out of Canberra by Cardento-Acord II, breeder Stall Rambron AB and Kumlatofta E&C AB) placed 2d in 1.40, Lövsta Future Challenge Final, 7th in 1.30, Lövsta Future Challenge and 12th in 1.35, Lövsta Future Challenge.

Sofia Farman (SWE) and Copernicus (SWB born 2013 by Camaro M out of Meredith (F2) by Cortus-Irco Marco, breeder Peter Lindgren) placed 3d in 1.40, Lövsta Future Challenge Final, 3d in 1.35, Lövsta Future Challenge and 11th in 1.30, Lövsta Future Challenge.

Linnea Ericsson-Carey (DEN) and Contadour (SWB born 2013 by Cosmeo out of Corey by Cortus-Labrador, breeder Lina Andersson) placed 4d in 1.40, Lövsta Future Challenge Final, 4d in 1.35, Lövsta Future Challenge and 5th in 1.30, Lövsta Future Challenge.

Shane Carey (IRL) and Ulla Bella Hästak (SWB born 2013 by Bonaparte Z out of Qulla Gulla Hästak by Dirco Hästak-Cortus, breeder Hästak AB) placed 8th in 1.40, Lövsta Future Challenge Final and 6th in 1.35, Lövsta Future Challenge.

Caroline Persson (SWE) and MWJ La Bella Ragazza (SWB born 2013 by Cartier out of Grace by Landlord-Godehard, breeder Therese Jensen and Anette Martinsson) placed 1th in 1.40, Lövsta Future Challenge Final, 3d in 1.30, Lövsta Future Challenge and 10th in 1.35, Lövsta Future Challenge.

Pontus Westergren (SWE) and Hästkullens DiMarabou (SWB born 2013 by Diarado out of Ugea by Indoctro-Peter Pan, breeder Ulrika Andersson) placed 12th in 1.40, Lövsta Future Challenge Final and 12th in 1.30, Lövsta Future Challenge.

Nils Stridh-Svensson (SWE) and Sixten DM (SWB born 2013 by Heartbeat out of Diva (42) by Feliciano-Excall, breeder Anna Brandh Mogren) placed 8th in 1.30, Lövsta Future Challenge.

Source https://www.longinestiming.com

CDI-W Gothenburg Horse Show, Sweden february 21-22

Sandra Dahlin (SWE) and Ichi (SWB born 2006 by Bocelli out of Dynastie (F2) 27067 by Donnerschlag-Amiral, breeder Miota AB) placed 5th in Grand Prix with 73.870% and 5th in Grand Prix Freestyle with 79.845%. This is Dahlin´s and Ichi´s debut in World Cup.

Natalie Oldfors (SWE) and Mickey M (SWB born 2006 by Metall out of Bonette by Bonaparte-Vagabond, breeder Medorid AB) placed 6th in Grand Prix with 71.674% and 7th in Grand Prix Freestyle with 72.775%.

Sandra Dahlin and Ichi (SWB).

Natalie Oldfors and Mickey M (SWB).

Cecilia Kristoffersen (SWE) and Skywalker (SWB born 2013 by Zuidenwind out of Montesse (1) by Bernstein-Ceylon, breeder Mosslunda Dressyrstall) won the SWB Trophy dressage for 7-year olds with 9.5 for trot, 8.5 for walk, 9.5 for canter, 9.0 for submission, 9.3 for perspective and total 91..6%.

Sandra Sterntorp (SWE) and Bowmore VH (SWB born 2014 by Skovens Rafael out of Uarda V VH (31) by Akribori-Urbino, breeder Torsten Hansson Häst AB) won the SWB Trophy dressage for 6-year olds with 8.3 for trot, 9.5 for walk, 8.5 for canter, 7.5 for submission, 8.5 for perspective and total 84.6%.

Jeanna Högberg (SWE) and Mr Grey VH (SWB born 2015 by Grey Fanell out of Darling II VH (31) by Dalwhinnie-Don Schufro, breeder Västra Hoby Stuteri AB) won the SWB Trophy dressage for 5-year olds with 9.3 for trot, 10.0 for walk, 9.5 for canter, 9.5 for submission, 9.8 for perspective and total 96.2%.

Mr Grey VH´s grand dame Dakarta VH (31) 27162 is mother of Högberg´s former Grand Prix mare Darcia VH which just recently passed away.

Source https://www.longinestiming.com

The Swedish Stallion Performance Test in Skövde on february 25-march 1 2020


3-year old jumping stallions
For Cassius
(Holst born 2017 by For Pleasure out of Cathleen ZB1 by Cassini I-Carry).
Sorrento HQS (Hann born 2017 by Skyliner out of Perugia HQS by Perigueux-Contendro I).

4-year old dressage stallions
(Old born 2016 by For Romance I out of Donna Salina by Don Schufro-Sandro Hit).
Labyrinth CML (SWB born 2016 by Franklin out of Florence S (78) by Florencio I-Nactus, breeder Charlotte and Magnus Liliemark).
Saint Louis (SWB born 2016 by St. Schufro out of Denice (F2) by Zack-Don Schufro, breeder Per-Arne Persson).

4-year old jumping stallions
Bravours Diamant ALE
(SWB born 2016 by Bravour out of My Diamond by Diamant de Semilly-Montender, breeder Hässelkulla Invest AB).
Chaccon's Fly PS (Holst born 2016 by Chacoon Blue out of Sadonna by Sir Shutterfly-Balou du Rouet).
Coventry Moon (SWB born 2016 by Coventry out of Sally Moon 29581 by Quite Easy-Lucky Light, breeder CJ Equestrian AB).
Dom Perignon Z (Zang born 2016 by Dominator 2000 Z out of Lary 119184 S.I. by Lucky Boy-Onyx).
Enelzkey SR (AES born 2016 by Eldorado vd Zeshoek out of Penelza Z by Papillon Rouge-Almé Z).
Filkes Red Fury (SWB born 2016 by Red Hot Chilli out of Pie Molise by Feliciano-Nebbiolo xx, breeder Maria Jurestam).
Laidback Luke WM (KWPN born 2016 by Stakkato Gold out of Soterma by Guidam-Nimmerdor).
Capriolo VDL (KWPN born 2016 by Cohinoor VDL out of Goklahoma VDL by Mr Blue-Emilion).
Everton VDL (KWPN born 2016 by Etoulon VDL out of Harjolijn by Indoctro-Heartbreaker).
York Hästak (SWB born 2016 by Dirco Hästak out of Thelma Hästak by Heartbeat-Comes vd Heffinck, breeder Hästak AB).

5-year old dressage stallions
Donato (Old born 2015 by De Niro out of Tosassica by Totilas-Sandro Hit).
Fürst Sinclair S (Old born 2015 by For Romance I out of La Bonita by Lord Sinclair I-Ferragamo).
King Olymbrio L (KWPN born 2015 by Geniaal out of Olymbria by Ferro-Sultan).
Quercus (SWB born 2015 by Quaterback out of Delight (F2) 26813 by Don Schufro-Mowgli, breeder Per-Arne Persson).

5-year old jumping stallions
C-Future 1370
(Holst born 2015 by Casell out of I-Lorain by Landadel-Coriolan).
Kiwi Bowl
(Hann born 2015 by Kannan out of Escarda by Escudo I-Laptop).
Local Hero JoF
(SWB born 2015 by Hip Hop out of Pagosa-Springs 27315 by Cortez-Imperial Fling xx, breeder Jeannette Lilja).
Saltato SRC
(SWB born 2015 by Stakkato out of Any Night by Arrlik-Magini, breeder Anna Jauer).

Performance stallions (with result from competiton)
(West born 2012 by Cayetano L out of Fevienna by Friedenstraum I-Democraat).
El Barone 111 Z (Zang born 2012 by Emerald van’t Ruytershof out of Naktibro by Libero H-Zeus).

Others (directly qualified)
Aces Star xx (born 2007 by Monarchos xx out of Pray for Aces xx by Pulpit xx-Housebuster xx).
Cornetto du Lys PS (Holst born 2015 by Cornet Du Lys out of Centella by Centadel-Calypso II).
Hometown (KWPN born 2012 by Apache out of Torose V by Ferro-Dageraad).
Insider VDL (KWPN born 2013 by Etoulon VDL out of Wianka by Corland-Lux Z).
Kaiser des Forets VDL 1419 (born by Contendro I out of Lavande des Forets by Le Tot de Semilly-Papillon Rouge).

The judging committee 2020
Jan-Ove Olsson, Mikael Nolin, Bo Jenå, Malena Behring, Pieter Kersten, Hella Kuntz and Emma Thorén Hellsten.

Dave Maarse, Netherlands and Jennifer Fogh Pedersen, Denmark will be judge riders in jumping.
Theo Hanzon, Netherlands and Philipp Hess,Germany will be judge riders in dressage.


Phase 1 Tuesday February 25
All day – Veterinary Inspection 3-, 4- and 5-year old stallions and performance stallions – Conformation 3-, 4- and 5-year old stallions and performance stallions

Wednesday February 26
AM – Free jumping  4- and 5-year old dressage stallions – Free jumping I 3-year olds (all)
PM – Jumping under rider 4- and 5-year old stallions and performance jumping stallions

Thursday February 27 
AM – Gaits 4- and 5-year old stallions and performance dressage stallions
PM – Gaits I 3-year old stallions

Friday February 28
PM – Veterinary inspection and conformation evaluation of stallions already qualified for approval – Swede Horse Stallion Show in dressage and jumping

Phase II Saturday February 29
AM – Free jumping II 3-year old jumping stallions – Gaits II 3-year old dressage stallions
PM – Test riders jumping 4- and 5-year old stallions and performance stallions – Test riders dressage 4- and 5-year old stallions and performance stallions

Sunday March 1
AM – Gaits 4- and 5-year old dressage stallions and performance stallions. – Jumping under rider  4- and 5-year old stallions and performance jumping stallions

Source http://swb.org  Cataloge https://swb.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/02/Bruksprovskatalog-20.pdf
Start lists https://online.equipe.com
Livestream (28 february-1 march) https://www.equisport.tv

CSI** Peelbergen, Netherlands february 20-22

Mathijs van Asten (NED) and Yagudin (SWB born 2009 by Berlin out of Dainty (36) 23452 by Irco Mena-Vagabond, breeder Marita Nordgren) won 1.45.

Amanda Eriksson (SWE) and Fifty Cent (SWB born 2012 by Favorit Ask out of Tequila Sunrise (42) by Pascal-Diamant, breeder Amanda Eriksson) placed 13th in 1.40.

Amanda Eriksson (SWE) and Hard Rock (SWB born 2010 by Heartbeat out of Dargita Z 28068 by Dutch Capital-Graaf Grande, breeder Carin and Lars Berglund) placed 8th in 1.40 and 14th in 1.40.

Source https://online.equipe.com