CSN Grand National Barbaste, France september 10-13

Alexander Zetterman (SWE) and Triton Hästak 1330 (SWB born 2012 by Cabachon out of Harmonien by Winningmood vd Arenberg-Carpaccio, breeder Hästak AB) placed 8th in 1.45.

Source https://chibaou.winjump.fr

CSIO Lamprechtshausen, Austria septemer 10-13

Giavanna Rinaldi (USA) and Hortensia Af Jennyhill (SWB born 2009 by Heartbeat out of Bonecyst 23114 by Strong Statement xx-Emalj, breeder Jennyhills vet. o hästv. AB) won 1.40.

Joana Schildknecht (SUI) and Queen of Hearts (SWB born 2011 by Heartbeat out of Mollie by Guido-Fernet Branca, breeder Cecilia Unger) placed 9th in 1.40 and 5th in 1.35.

Source https://horsetelexresults.com

CSI*** Vejer de la Frontera, Spain september 10-13

Nicola Pohl (GER) and Accolade (SWB born 2010 by Chacco Blue out of M.Ruberth by Germus R-Ladalco, breeder Rapidsrock AB) placed 10th in 1.35.

Source https://horsetelexresults.com

CSI** Peelbergen, Kronenberg, The Netherlands september 10-13

Mathijs van Asten (NED) and Yagudin (SWB born 2009 by Berlin out of Dainty (36) 23452 by Irco Mena-Vagabond, breeder Marita Nordgren) placed 3d in 1.45.


Source https://online.equipe.com

CCI***-S/CCI**-S with Swedish Eventing Championship Junior/Young Rider/Senior, Segersjö, Sweden august 28-30

In Segersjö's beautiful park area, the Swedish Championship in eventing was decided today.

Jonna Britse (SWE) and Quattrino (SWB born 2005 by Quite Easy out of MegaHertz by Guido-Little Boy, breeder Eskil Assarsson) placed 5th in CCI***-S.

Anna Freskgård (SWE) and Techno (SWB born 2009 by Hip Hop out of Tatti 19774 by Swift-Jarramas, breeder Lena Vikman) placed 6th.

Aminda Ingulfson (SWE) and Hot Cup VH (SWB born 2009 by Hotline out of Cupea VH (31) 26843 by Corrado WL-Beach Boy, breeder Västra Hoby Stuteri AB) placed 8th.

Alice Andersen (SWE) and Lavendel (SWB born 2005 by Lancier out of Alexine (67) 22576 by Alpen Fürst-Orkan, breeder Anders Carlsson) placed 9th and won a gold medal for Young Riders!

Saga Suovanen (SWE) and NuEller Aldrie (SWB born 2007 by Carland out of Babuska (F3) 28777 by Billion xx-Chagall, breeder Tord Westergren) won a silver medal for Young Riders!

Jonna Britse with Quattrino (SWB) and Anna Freskgård with Techno (SWB).

Aminda Ingulfson with Hot Cup VH (SWB).

Alice Andersen with Lavendel (SWB) and Saga Suovanen with NuEller Aldrie (SWB).

All photos Jöns Leandersson.

Frida Wicksell (SWE) and Top Crut (SWB born 2006 by Cuper out of Doña Alicia (45) 28100 by Electro-Bacardi, breeder Team Top Gustavsson and Petersson HB) placed 5th in CCI**-S.

Maria Blumenthal (SWE) and Hawe A Good Time (SWB born 2009 by Goldmine xx out of Minerva 22437 by Irco Marco-Ramiro Z, breeder Gert Hermansson) placed 6th.

Johan Lundin (SWE) and Kiss QBS (SWB born 2010 by Tornesch out of Cleo Mena 27292 by Irco Mena-Cordon Bleu, breeder Stuteri QBS/ B. Lindblad Aktiv Redovisning HB) placed 8th.

Smilla Hjalmarsson (SWE) and Jagular Pooh (SWB born 2008 by Jaguar Mail out of Menuette II (32) 24437 by Electro-Um Said xx, breeder Stall Pooh) placed 11th.

Wilma Eriksson (SWE) and La Chanquelle (SWB born 2009 by Camaro M out of La Coumtesse (F2) by De la Gardie-Lancier, breeder Kerstin Mårtensson) placed 13th.

Amanda Andersson (SWE) and Kokos (SWB born 2011 by Florencio I out of Kokette (5) 25004 by Midt-West Ibi-Light-Ceylon, breeder Rebecka Andersson) placed 14th.

Frida Wicksell with Top Crut (SWB
) and Maria Blumenthal with Hawe A Good Time (SWB).

Johan Lundin with Kiss QBS (SWB) and Smilla Hjalmarsson with Jagular Pooh (SWB).

Wilma Eriksson with La Chanquelle (SWB).

All photos Jöns Leandersson.

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Source https://online.equipe.com